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It’s not even all that subtle. I’m surprised they didn’t punch him :smiley:


I’m pretty sure it’s a crafty edit, but I wish it had actually gone like that.


They cut it out but he also tries to claim credit at the end. :wink:


Not even at the end!

(that’s the full video).


From another episode of that series (which I’ve never heard of before) this is an interesting anecdote about Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy from John Romita and Stan Lee.


Damn, Stan is savage.


The tone is so different, more camaraderie than the Liefeld/McFarlane clip, and so much respect between the three of them :slight_smile:

I tend to think of JRJR as in the same generation as Liefeld and McFarlane, but that’s wrong of course, his first work for Marvel must have been nearly 20 years before theirs. Seeing him interact with Stan and his father there, he’s clearly being treated as an equal not as the new kid on the block.

But the important take from this is: Stan Lee says there’s going to be a Femizon movie!!! Woooo!


It is really lovely, isn’t it?


His first work at Marvel US was in 1977, though he’d been doing sketches of US covers for Marvel UK reprints prior to this, and created The Prowler in 1969 when he was 13. By comparison, McFarlane’s first pro job was a backup strip for Marvel/Epic in 1984, and Liefeld’s first published work was for DC in 1988


I like Rob’s attitude but it is hilarious when Stan slags off the pic for not finishing the feet that Todd has to do it.


The funny thing is Rob and Todd never have anything but nice things to say about Stan. They really pump him up more than a lot of creators in the biz.


God, how much I wanted to see interview (any interview) with this master. Eternal thanks to Ethan.


Sixty years ago today:



Blatant anti-Kryptonian discrimination.


I remember that issue, maybe a little early for a spinner rack purchase, but definitely in the “used comics” boxes. (3/10¢ at the time, far earlier than quarter boxes!) Good costumes, and the kids actually looked like kids, not anime-heads.


Some random comics thoughts from Colleen Doran:

In 2016 The Comics Beat reported: “Altogether, Raina’s eight books sell a staggering 1.3 million copies for $14.4 million dollars in sales. To put that in context, that means that nearly 5% of all dollars generated by all graphic novels listed (all 21k of them!) are coming from the pen of one woman: Raina Telgemeier.”


Fuck me, someone has a chip on their shoulder


I’m somewhere in the middle of this debate.

The market has become oversaturated and the quality filter is really low, I think it could do with contracting again

As some have said on here a few times over the years - too much choice is not necessarily a good thing. Too much choice often results in choosing nothing.



That was actually kind of fun.