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“When I close my eyes the darkness is still presented in a 9-panel grid.”



I didn’t even know this show existed - for now the first episode is up on YouTube.


It’s pretty good. They’ve seemingly had some better researchers for visuals than most comic book docs and the talking heads are quite varied.


From Brian Bendis’ Facebook this morning:

so, 1 week ago I woke up in intensive care because of a surprise MRSA infection that grabbed & blinded me for 4 days. this was the worst week of my life. I almost died on Monday. it’ll take months to recover. i wasn’t even going to share it was so bad…

That’s a resistant staph infection, and those things are flat-out nasty. Damned near lost my left hand to one, some time back. So, looks like Bendis is bed-ridden for a while, slowing his DC work - but a heck of a time to catch up on some comics!


There are two women at the office who know I dabble in comics and told me on different occasions about their old collections that are gathering dust.

Being the kind soul I am, I offered to take them off their hands at a modest price. They both saw through me (must have been my demeanor) and gave me the fuck you in polite words.

So I gave them advice on either ebay or these NY shops (business cards) and see what happens.

I was so close… :smile:


Any specific details provided or can we assume they’re crates of Tukok #1?


Not sure how it compares to the Image episode of Kirkman’s show, but this series of episodes from SyFy Wire was very good; here’s the first one:


To be fair you can’t really expect a very critical look at Image when they guy behind the show is the COO of the company. It’s like Bill gates making a show about the history of Microsoft.


In contrast to the “Most overrated superhero” Quora article I posted:


I just finished Essential Spiderman vol2, after previosly read first vol. Have to say, given the time it was written, stories still look naive and silly by today’s standards. But, there is certain leap in quality in plotting as well as Ditko’s art. I used to watch Peter/Spidey from first issue to the last ones he drew (before he left off), and there is a difference, the look of Peter in particular.
But what I really love is how Lee managed to pull a totally relatable character. True, some of the choices are not, but the life of such troubled teenager is never easy. Like, I almost cried when Peter and Betty Brant definitely brake off, I could just feel his pain. Highlight is when he hits the mannequin, imagine it as her new fiancee.

Another memorable situation is when Spiderman is trapped and buried under heavy weight steel debris, and through sheer will liberates himself, holding metal victoriously. It’s so well framed and drawn, I stared in awe. That gave me a helluva of chills.



I’ve been reading The Flintstones today via a cheap digital sale a few weeks back. It is genuinely brilliant. Mark Russel has a real talent for satire.


I’m happy with Tim Seeley’s choice of SAVAGE DRAGON. It’s time for that book to have a resurgence.


So, inspired by the War Rocket Ajax podcast, I decided to do a similar ‘Every Story Ever’ list. Upon reading a comic story I place it on the master from best to worst. Two things to note.

  1. If it’s not on the list it doesn’t mean I haven’t read it, it just means I haven’t read it recently enough to accurately gauge where it should sit. Watchmen, Batman: Year One, DKR will all go on the list in the coming future as and when I reread them.
  2. When placing stories on the list one of the main criteria I use is, ‘would I rather read it ahead of…(insert current story on the list)?’

Anyway, here’s the link to the google drive doc which I’ll be updating pretty much every other day. There are filters as well so publishers or characters can be selected.


Yeah, that The Flintstones series by Russell & Pugh never reached a bigger audience is a bit of a travesty.

It is genuinely brilliant, like you say and it deserves to be on a list for best book of the year.


Everyone’s probably seen this before, but here’s a compilation of clips from a TV show Stan Lee did with Todd MacFarlane and Rob Liefeld, as they designed a character on air and Stan subtly mocks their every choice.


Pfft, what does Stan Lee know about designing characters?