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According to Wiki she appeared in both the “Age of Ultron” and “Original Sin” crossovers, and in the latter she was revealed to be an Asgardian.


When the realities start to merge in JLA/Avengers, Black Canary is dating Hawkeye instead of Green Arrow.


From what I remember of JLA/Avengers, they play with countless different variations of merged realities, sometimes changing the combinations on a panel-to-panel basis.

I’m sure some fans were thrilled by it on some level, but it didn’t make for a very coherent story.


Are you sure that’s not just Mockingbird? :wink:


And for a while, it was canon, at least in the pre-Infinite Crisis DCU, as when Morrison brought back the CSA an artifact of JLA/Avengers (Of course, without mentioning the Avengers’ involvement, for obvious legal reasons) served as a McGuffin.


She has featured a decent amount in the Guardians section mostly and had her own book for a while. Definitely not ignored since her introduction.


I liked the Gillen/Marguerite Bennett stuff with her, but I think Bendis dropped most of that when he brought her back to GotG.


It seemed like she had an influence on Thor Ragnarok’s take on Hel at least.


Stumbled upon this - large sections of it are nothing much, but there might be points of interest to some folks here throughout:

So sit back, relax, settle in and thrill over the first day of the Deposition of Todd McFarlane – it’s like nothing you’ve ever seen before, and, remember, part two will be posted at the same time tomorrow – and it’s also a doozy!

BY MR. ARNTSEN: When you started work at Marvel in 1984 what did you do?
A: I was the penciler on a back-up series for a comic entitled Steve Engelhart’s Coyote.
Q: Were you paid a salary?
A: Well, a page rate. You get paid a page rate, X amount of dollars per page.
Q: And what’s a penciler do?
A: He does the drawings with the pencils.
Q: Okay. And he’s paid piece-work, so much a page?
A: Yes.

Q: And you started working on Spiderman in what, '89?
A: Yes, I think so. Then again let’s just be clear here. It’s called Amazing Spiderman.
Q: Okay.
A: Because we are going to get later to a book called Spiderman, so I don’t want to mix our metaphors here. Amazing Spiderman.
Q: Amazing Spiderman.
A: At the beginning, right.
Q: And how is Amazing Spiderman different from Spiderman?
A: They – on some of the more popular characters, given that a book can only come out once a month, they go, “Hey, there’s more than one week in a month,” and so they figure out how to do sort of another version of it. And so they had three, you know, Superman and Batman, Spiderman, X-Men, all the popular guys usually have more than one title going at any one time.

Q: In your initial discussions with the four guest writers who were doing, I believe it’s Spawn 8 through 11, did you tell them up front it’s $100,000?
A: Uh-huh.
Q: You have to use words.
A: Oh, I’m sorry. Yes.

Q: Backing up a minute on this comic book process and what – the final piece of original art work that becomes the copy for the publication, what does that look like? How big is it? What does it look like?
A: Generally it’s – the image is 10 inches by 15 inches and it’s black and white because the inker has now come on and made it. The color is done at the printer or now on computer, so the color rarely is there. It’s black and white imagery of what you would see in a comic book at a larger size.
Q: So it’s a page?
A: Yes, a page. Each page, each page would be 10 by 15.
Q: Okay. Then what use is made of those pages once the comic book comes out?
Do they have some value as original art work like you see these Disney things and stuff like that?


It might be worth mentioning outside the spoiler tags what the spoiler relates to. :slight_smile:


And while I haven’t seen the movie, yet, I accidentally clicked on the tag, and IMO it’s not such a big deal of a spoiler, though I can see other people disagreeing because it implies that Hel is a daughter of Odin . Please don’t confirm if that’s right or not I want to be surprised. But like in the past, I knew that Han was going to die in Episode VII, I just didn’t know how, and that surprise was enough not to make it a total spoiler, so I guess for me knowing that Hel is a daughter of Odin isn’t such a spoiler, because I’ll still be surprised how they pull it off.


From my Quora feed:

Who is the most overrated superhero?


I had a thread before about overrated and underrated heroes, and they had to change the wording.

Personally a LOT of characters can beat Superman but they since they aren’t written to their full potential…

I heard that the Blue Beetle for example should be competitive with Batman but … you know…


Stealing JRCarter’s (The Clickbait KIng) thunder:


See you and raise you:


I was at Wizard World Chicago the year that happened but I wasn’t in the room. I remember hearing about it.


From that same thread I mentioned earlier, I’ve been reading it in a tab in between other things for weeks now. Just up to Wizard #21, where they mention the sales shares:

Marvel: 46.51% (down 2%)
DC: 15.66% (down 5%. Valiant is getting uncomfortably close to passing them!)
Malibu including Image: 15.56% (this should be the last month that Image will be included in this number. I’m very curious to see how much of sales belong to each company)
Valiant: 9.62% (up 3.5%. A new high)
Other: 9.41% (A new high. Apparently, some of these smaller universes are selling)
Dark Horse: 3.24% (same)

The thread just makes me want to buy up old Wizard issues - I’ve always been a big fan of old magazines in how they capture moments in time.


I recently got JLI vol 1 - Giffen and DeMatteis. I was shocked when I saw the issue, supposedly new, but the paper quality is like by 20 years ago. So that it matches original release from late 80s. Though it had DC logo, used from 2005-12, I have some of the comics, with the logo - looking like brand new.
Too bad DC hadn’t reprinted it, except the JLI omnibus.


Yeah, those JLI trades were a bit weird in using the cheap paper stock. I think they were some of the last to have that before DC started doing everything on standard glossy paper (except maybe the numbered reprints of Hellblazer?).


I don’t understand what that page is trying to say. Are they using the word “overrated” in the correct sense? :confused:

“Who is the most overrated superhero?” Answer: “Superman” [Answer then goes on to list an awesome set of powers that show that Superman isn’t overrated, he deserves every accolade he gets.]