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I’m pretty sure they’ll go the way of the western.


As in, there’s gonna be less of them, but the ones that get made are really good?

I can get behind that!


Interestingly Tom Brevoort said the other day Marvel just had one of its most profitable years (publishing only). As there’s no evidence of that in the Diamond charts I can only assume it is coming from Star Wars books in bookshops.


Pretty much. Star Wars has pretty much saved Marvel’s bacon.


In all seriousness, the comics industry feels like it is in a holding pattern until the Next Big Thing comes along and spikes interest again.

The Millar/Netflix thing is pretty big but I’m not sure how repeatable it is.There are probably less than a handful of creators that could do that but I’m not sure what impact it will have on the comic books themselves. I can see creators trying to emulate Mark but not having the quality or skill he does. The indie market just gets flooded with more crap.

As to the Big Two, I’m not sure what it will take to move the needle with them. They have both had great success with movies and television but it doesn’t seem to have translated into sales. Theoretically, the movies should be generating tons of interest in the source product but that hasn’t happened.

Whatever the Next Big Thing is, it needs to come soon.


The thing is with Mark. He’s a simple concept guy, half his ideas you wonder why nobody thought of them before. That’s a producer’s dream, you can elevator pitch it all. From his hints on Twitter, with many of his properties under option, Netflix are looking at that and saying think of another one.
Other very talented writers don’t quite have that same skill. For example Mark would be the first to admit Ennis is a better character writer (as he’s said here many times he thinks he’s the best in the business) but that’s not as easy a sell.


Then Roy proposed that we license some upcoming science fiction movie called Star Wars and publish an adaptation.

Burp, 'scuse me,” said history.


Yup it is history repeating.

Shirley Bassey did a song about that.




There can never be too much of our Shirl. Keep trying.




Guy’s a hack - always infuriated me.

It’s been posted here before I think, and that article links to it, but it’s worth posting here again:

It’d be one thing to rip off a Jim Lee drawing nowadays and sell that on eBay. There are plenty of swipe sketches available, but they sell for small beans, and there’s less injustice in ripping off a millionaire.

We all know that so many of the comic artists from the golden and silver age struggled to make ends meet, and once they couldn’t draw anymore, or their style wasn’t in fashion, they were out of luck with no royalties to speak of, no health insurance, no retirement savings - meanwhile Roy’s making millions from literally copying their old panels.


Creator of “Mom’s Cancer” and “Whatever Happened to the World of Tomorrow,” both published by Abrams. Won some awards, including an Eisner and a Harvey.

This fellow lost his California home in the recent fires - he has a short strip about it here.


Apparently Steve Ditko is 90 years old today.


I seem to remember reading a story about that when Marvel Vs. DC and Amalgam were being published the editors of both companies considered switching a superhero for a year, before Legal shot the idea down. I remember that Thor was supposed to spend a year in the DCU and I forget which DC hero was going to be in the MU. I can find no evidence of this. Was it real, or am I misremembering something else, and if so, what could that be?


Swapping a character each WAS discussed early on in the proceedings… but before we even homed in on specific characters to try to do this with, we decided that the legal department headaches (not just for issues the characters appeared in– but for any reprints for all time) would not be worth it.


Ok, that certainly explains why I couldn’t find the rumor online- the version I heard specifically mention Thor as Marvel’s trade, so all my searches were based on that version not the “Storm for Wonder Woman” (which I find hard that people would have ever believed- do you really think DC would give up one of their “Trinity” for even a year- same reason why I thought my memory was faulty- the version I heard was “Thor for Superman”, but using the same logic, I thought I must have misremembered who DC was going to trade- I was leaning toward Shazam) or the “Daredevil for Catwoman” that Cronin references in that article.


There was also an extended period where Majestic was in the DC Universe (long before Wildstorm was absorbed into the DCU in the New 52), but that was a DC owned character moving between universes.


They should have swapped Hawkeye for Green Arrow just to see if anyone really noticed.


Talking of this kind of thing, did anything ever come of Angela moving to the Marvel Universe? There was a lot of hype at the time but I don’t remember hearing anything about her for ages.