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I don’t think I will ever read them again, but I do like looking through them on occasion.

This makes me sound like a philistine, but I don’t enjoy reading comics digitally as much as physically even though I have an iPad of comic-book size.


I think there is a tactile pleasure to physical books that will never be replicated fully by digital.

I think it’s especially true for old comics, where the feel (even the smell) of the paper and stuff that doesn’t make it to digital (like the ads) are all big contributors to the nostalgic or sentimental value.


All of that stuff that seemed to only exist in American comics, but never made it across the ocean was all part of the charm. Hostess Fruit pies ads. Saturday morning cartoons…It certainly coloured my view as a child of the US.


I’ve mentioned before that when I have visited the US I shy away from ever trying that stuff. It looked like such exotic and exciting stuff that the reality could never live up to it. It’s essentially junk food and the most likely reason the few cartoons they showed there didn’t make the UK is nobody wanted to buy them as they weren’t very good.

I don’t even like fruit pies anyway but I was still lulled into believing they must be amazing from those comic strip ads. :smile:


So did you sell them in the end, Robert?


Traded them for fruit pies.


Don’t worry, there isn’t really any fruit in those pies anyway :wink:


Twinkie’s no longer hold the luster they once did but I still love a Hostess fruit pie from time to time.


Are they in too poor condition to hand out (along with sweets) at Halloween? I had a pile of old comics set aside for trick-or-treaters a few years back, and made some lolly bags (but no one came).

Everyone’s different - I have now reached a point where I prefer digital, but still love grabbing a stack of random floppies off the shelf and flicking through them for a few hours.

The old ads and in-house bits and bobs are a huge part of the appeal of physical back issues - letters pages, Bullpen Bulletins, promotions for upcoming titles, ads for games/movies/TV shows.


In all seriousness I held on to the X-Men/X-Factor/New Mutants/FF/Daredevil ones, as those are the ones that meant the most to me. Brought all of the 80s and 90s books to charity. Had a box of 00s and some recent books that I put up for sale and a dealer who was weirdly trying hard to pretend he wasn’t a dealer offered me five bucks for the lot. I said sure.

The ones I kept, I may yet get rid of. I am just running into a storage issue, and I’m not seeing the point in keeping them. I will probably dump the comics habit entirely sometime in 2018, save the occasional creator-owned trade.


For me it’s the ritual and routine of going to the shop right in the middle of the workweek, sifting through the racks, and getting a little stack to bring home, which is probably 80% of my enjoyment to be honest. Scrolling through covers and clicking a button and staring at a screen for 10 minutes just does not do it for me as a comparable experience.

And after reading digital comics I don’t retain much or recall anything special about what I just read. The act of reading the books just blandly blends into everything else I do online.

I don’t do ebooks either, for what it’s worth.


Yeah I’ve found the same, and it’s quite disconcerting. I think there’s some line of thought that in fact reading is tactile as well as visual, and losing that aspect affects how we take in what we read. But, like, I read all of Hickman’s mega Marvel run on MU, and I can barely remember any of it. I wonder if that changes after a few re-reads.

That said, it’s still an infinitely more enjoyable way of passing the time than simply surfing online.


Even if it’s older stuff? It could just be that many/most new releases are not very memorable… /grumpy old man


I only read Marvel in digital, and I have actually wondered if I don’t like digital because I only read new Marvel stuff with it, or if I don’t like Marvel because I only read it digitally.


I can only speak for myself, and I would keep everything. Because:

I don’t think this is true for me, One day I will retire, and have all day every day to re-read every comic and book I own.

(If that doesn’t happen, than I’ll think of getting rid of them :slight_smile: )


But the LoSH comics get a Viking funeral, right?



Just to follow up on this I downloaded Comixology on my iPad and tried getting the new Superman issue, just to see how it all worked and if I liked it. I was legitimately surprised by how poor and user unfriendly it is, and flatly shocked that you can’t buy books through the app, which really should be the bare minimum of what you should expect. (I know it’s an Amazon/Apple rivalry thing) The whole thing inspired no confidence in me.

I deleted it from my iPad 20 minutes later.


That side of it is really annoying - but you can set the website to allow single-click purchases to make the process easier.

Apart from the purchases, accessing the books you want and reading through them is as easy as can be.


The Android version sounds much superior in that respect, buying through it is very easy.

I find the Comixology app very easy to navigate and fairly intuitive, but I have been using it for years so part of that may be familiarity.