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I remember Tonci Zonjic from some issues of Immortal Iron Fist years ago, but I don’t remember anything anywhere near that detailed. Impressive.


I think he was the artist on Who is Jake Ellis?


He has done work on some Mignola books at Dark Horse, most notably LOBSTER JOHNSON. His stylized cover art is tremendous!


Previously I posted the Slate interview with Tom King about writing Batman, here’s the next interview, with David Finch:



So, this is random, and technically comics related:

I typed “bewbs” on my phone, and it wanted to correct it to “new Spider-Man”, which seemed like a bit of a stretch to me!


Just when you thought CBR couldn’t get any lower.


Yeah, it’s sad really.


Jeez, the lead text is particularly bad. What about the nature of comic fans suggests that a majority have minds filthier than anyone else? (And yes, I say this directly after having mentioned the link between boobs and peter Parker for me today, unironically)


Wait, there was a Xenozoic Tales cartoon? Where was I?!

And Ultraforce?!!


Ya. It was called Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. It was pretty good.

Edit: It always did these cool letterboxing transitions to emphasize moments more like a film.



The girls in Archie comic start a sex workers union. Progressive stuff.


I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this issue before, but I loved the Watchmen parody elements of 2008’s What if Doctor Doom had kept the Beyonder’s power?.


Here’s a random review from Amazon:

Do not buy this if your looking for a story about miracleman or anything that remotely resembles a comic book story. This is a rambling philosophical piece of crap disguise as a comic. If your into that the go right on ahead and purchase otherwise please do not waste your money like I just did. Totally misleading. I think the character miracleman might have appeared on maybe 3 pages of this comic. Seriously it is totally misleading and Neil no offense but let people know what your actually writing about.

Well, now youv been warned!

The review is for Gaiman & Buckingham’s Miracleman The Golden Age. So probably an accurate review :smiley:


Randomly speaking:

The Martian Manhunter is like Mystique, Professor X, some Superman, can be invisible, and I think even teleport like Nightcrawler iirc, but all you have to do to beat him is hold a lighted torch to him and he will freak out and be powerless.

That does not make sense to me.


Makes about as much sense as being defenseless against the color yellow, like the Silver Age Green Lantern. Or against wood, like the Golden Age GL.


Or kryptonite, for that matter! DC really loved their Achilles heels, didn’t they?


I remember a Teen Titans story from the 70s featuring Aqualad, who could survive out of water for 60 minutes. Not 59:50, not 61:02 – EXACTLY 60 minutes. Even as a kid I thought “That’s dumb!”


This is from two months ago, a really interesting interview with Todd McFarlane - he goes over in brief his early history as an artist, breaking away to form Image, and making Spawn a success.