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He just is. Nobody I have ever heard has a bad word to say about Walt. He’s one of those people that is supremely talented and just a great guy. Bendis will tell you he owes his entire career to him as he’s the only pro that went over his ideas and portfolio to no benefit to himself.

Oliver Selby, ex of this parish, started a Facebook group for Walt Simonson and he updates and engages all the time, he’s awesome.


That video really makes me want to give Ragnarok a shot.


I just started reading it a few days ago (after getting it cheap in a Comixology sale a while back). It’s pretty good.


I either read the first issue or checked out a preview and initially decided it wasn’t for me. Now I kinda want to buy just to put money in Walt’s pocket.


Consider a Thor story, written and drawn by Simonson, that is utterly and completely off the reins!

There’s hugely bombastic spectacles in the book and only Simonson could pull them off.

Oh yeah, IDW are issuing it first in these very nice OHC editions…


I remember seeing this preview just before it came out:


I was going to buy it but my shop didn’t her it in / screwed up the order and I ended up falling behind and not getting it as a result. I’m holding out for a nice omnibus or collected edition some stage down the road now.


Is this the first one?


Randomly speaking…

Say … How do you all feel about photorealistic art in comics?

I can remember Maleev in Bendis’ run on Daredevil and it fit the writing. Same with Ross’ work in Kingdom Come.

Thoughts? Other examples?


Yup, Vol 2’s out too.

Be prepared for a wait between volumes though, quality takes time.


Is Raganrok full of double page splashes? If so I’ll try and track down the floppies instead of trades as even with the best binding there is always a bit of gutter loss. I found the current Nick Fury book and the Mike Del Mundo Elektra book read better in singles due to this.

Of course I haven’t actually looked at the price of Ragnarok singles so I might go the trade route anyway if they are mega expensive!


Not particularly, no more than the average book.


It makes me wonder how I could possibly have gone this long without buying it :open_mouth:


I was going to quote

But as you’re talking about a Walt Simonson comic, I’ll allow it.


I am a fan of photorealistic art in comics as long as it is appropriate to the story or book. Michael Lark’s work in Lazarus, and Sean Phillips’ work in Kill or be Killed, are two examples where the art fits the style and tone of the book.


Here’s a nice little podcast featuring Tom King on the process of writing comics:


Apropos of nothing, I just stumbled across this fantastic headline for a 2001 news story announcing the launch of Smallville.


Apparently a Marvel theme park will be opening in Bangkok next year, looks like a fun family experience:






I’m not familiar with this artist, Tonci Zonjic, but saw Dave gibbons retweet it form Adam Hughes with the comments ‘great scott!’ and 'Whaaat?"

I have no idea how long that took him.