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Didn’t Geoff Johns do a run on Avengers around that same era that was well liked? I never cared for the Avengers until Millar and Bendis wrote them. So I’m not particularly familiar with anything before.


Not appropriate for children, I would have thought…



If he has access to an iPad or equivalent, I recommend a Marvel Unlimited subscription (maybe it’s a birthday present).

There’s no adult/mature-readers material included from what I can see, and while it’s not comprehensive there’s still so much content.


I guess you’re right. I do remember hearing about that scene now.


That’s a great idea for later down the road, but I want to start with actual paper comic books for now, just for the feeling of holding them in your hands.


The Busiek-Perez era started with a story arc with Morgan Le Fey as the villain and it was set in a medieval setting They were called Queen’s Vengeance and were mind controlled by Le Fey
I loved it myself but it may be confusing to a new reader.


I dunno. It does give you a big spread of every Avenger and tells you who they are. That counts for something.


Yeah, that does sound confusing. Hm. So maybe select trades, and not the omnibus.


I got into (American superhero) comics with Busiek’s Avengers (around age 13). I loved that it had depth and history and was part of a wider world that it gives you windows into.

The Morgan story comes after you get the team reintroduced, especially the main players, and if he’s familiar with the movie guys - you know, can recognise Hawkeye and Scarlet Witch at least - I think he’ll be fine.



I loved the hashtag on my twitter feed but could do without the clickbait garbage from that site




How much information is too much information?




The Kirby Museum will open Jack Kirby: 100 Years at One Art Space at 23 Warren Street in New York City on August 27th. The event will run through August 30th, and will feature oversized reproductions of Kirby’s work,

Fuuuhh… I leave for vacation on August 25th and return on September 3rd. Bad, bad timing…


Four days seems very short for an exhibition. You’re sure it’s not a misprint and they really mean September 30th?


No, the website specifically bills it as a “special four-day event”: