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The wouldn’t be able to stand up to 3,840 Jan-Michael vincents though.


He was Superman? :confused:

You mean Kal-El said a magic word and also got the power of Shazam?


No, There was a war and Kal-El did something he regretted and disappeared. Shazam wore a Superman Costume with a full face helmet and pretended to be Superman because of the idea that there should always be a Superman.


I haven’t heard much about Pat Mills’s book,

but what I have heard is all good.



Nuff said.


I’m going to have to get a copy of that!!


That was great, but he didn’t quite stick the landing.


Just spotted this.


Completely random: doing a bit of research on Major Eazy, a strip in Battle Picture Weekly in the 70s, I’ve just learned this bit of stupidity:

When Major Eazy’s strips were reprinted in the 1980s, a smoking ban at IPC resulted in his trademark cigar being painted out. This totally ruined the original artwork, and frequently made it look as if Eazy were sticking two fingers up at the readers.



If you can get the collection Titan put out a couple of years back, do so.


Further to this panel composition talk from a while ago, I’d been meaning to dig up this old issue of the short lived Image magazine “The Mighty i” which included an art advice column by Jim Valentino - this might have been the first time I’d considered page layout in this way and it’s stuck with me ever since (from 1995):

Click to embiggen (grainy iPad photos, sorry.)

Here is that “what not to do” example on it’s own:

JV layout scan1a

Does anyone have serious reservations about the points raised? I know it’s one guy’s opinion, and he’s not a comics master or anything.


I love the Etherington brothers and Lorenzo has been doing these fantastic ‘How To’ tutorials.


Things you would never, ever, ever, ever do if you had super powers, #1:



Things you would absolutely definitely do if you had a big computer in your headquarters, #1:



The great thing about the Legion of Super-Heroes is how progressive it was. Sometimes, even girls beat the villains!



My son is right now finally properly getting into superhero comics, Marvel specifically (which is fine, for the moment). So, first of all:


Secondly, we just got some stuff from the library and I bought him a collection of classic Avengers tales. It’d be nice to next get him some good stuff that’s more modern than the sixties (from 80s-90s to today, say) and that are good reads for kids. But I’m not a heavy Marvel reader, and most of the stuff I did read was pretty much all more aimed at adults than at 11-year-olds - I don’t think Bendis’ or Hickman’s Avengers runs, for example, would be a good place to start for a kid. Never mind The Ultimates… Ultimate Spider-Man would be cool, obviously, but I think he mostly wants Avengers as a team right now, so I’m looking for good runs with good Avengers line-ups that aren’t heavy on continuity.

Didn’t Kurt Busiek write Avengers for a while in the nineties? His style should fit. Or Mark Waid maybe? Not the recent stuff, but something a bit older?


Also, pay attention to Invisible Kid’s carefully correct grammar. There should be more of that in today’s comics!


Yes. From the late 90’s. He did a few years. The first couple have George Perez on art and are glorious to look at.


Er, sorry, you’ve lost me :confused:

Didn’t Kurt Busiek write Avengers for a while in the nineties?

Yes, it was a great run and I’m pretty sure it works as all ages (I’m not an expert on that). With George Perez on art, and that’s always a bonus.

Can’t recall the issue numbers but it was 1998-9 I think. It’s been conveniently collected into a big omnibus, too.


Awesome, thanks David and Simon!