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Fourteen Green Arrows and a Black Canary = Porn
One Green Arrow and fourteen Black Canaries = Also Porn


Captain America, SHAZAM (but everyone will call him Captain Marvel), Cable, Mr. Fantastic and Green Lantern (Kyle Rayner for preference).


You can’t build the ultimate superhero team if Gambit is excluded. It should be called the fake news team.


Also, in what universe is Mr Fantastic cheaper to hire than bloody Cyborg? Has he got a tax bill to pay or something?


In what world is Green Arrow on the same list as Mr. Fantastic and Tony Stark for his technical acumen? I get that designing a boxing glove arrow that flies ss probably very difficult, but seriously, are we setting the bar that low?


Yes but archery is cool and, despite being flexible enough to turn himself into a bow and arrow, poor Mr Fantastic doesn’t have a moustache.


If you want someone with a moustache surely you just choose Superman?


Or one Superman and a 6 pack of craft beer because he’s all you really need.


They can work on rotation!


Can the other two take turns homebrewing for me?


If you’re paying them $5 then they damn well better.


OK, let’s say I have a city with 16 quadrants. How many Jan-Michael Vincents can I get to protect the quadrants with this $15?


16 per quadrant.


That’s really good value. But what I’m hearing is if I cut the budget down to say, 32 cents I could use, say 8 Jan Michael Vincents to protect the 16 quadrants. And then I’ve got a ton of money to use elsewhere!


This is all way too much Maths for me. I’ll have to double-check with David. He has a very good head for figures.


Superman $5
Batman $4 (tech not lead)
Thor $3
Deadpool $2
Star lord $1
Bats figures out the problem, Supes fixes it, the other three sit in a pub, get drunk, and cause trouble.


Good luck, and be sure to share your thoughts with us men so we can tell you what you’ve misunderstood :slight_smile:


When you could have 15 Captain Marvels for the same money? Have you never read Kingdom Come? :confused:


You know, you’re absolutely right.

I’ll have 30 Magogs.


In the comic Futures End Shazam was Superman for a while. can you imagine what 15 of them could do?