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Pah, realistic superheroes have been done for years:


This is Jaden Smith’s music video for his song Batman. I’m posting it here not for its musical merit or even that it’s Batman themed but more because he’s chosen to make his Batman costume white making it look more like Nemesis.



I don’t know if anyone here is interested in comics that are spin-offs of obscure prog rock concept albums, but if you are and you’re in London this might interest you:


I am a little, but as much as I like some of Coheed’s albums, (mainly IV) I tried some of their comic and it was awful.


Have you started listening to Coheed & Cambria?!? What did you think? I really like them.

@ender0284 is a huge fan and has seen them a couple times. He continues to pick up the comics but I wasn’t impressed with them.


I admire the ambition of their work, but their sound (at least what I’ve heard) is too “metal” for me to really enjoy them.


Their latest album which is the first to not be a part of the Amory Wars story is probably my favorite.

I’m glad you at least gave them a try.


I really like this list.

9 Marvel And DC Characters That Would Flourish In The Opposite Universe - Movie Pilot


Wow, I need to check the new album then. I used to be really into Coheed, but kind of stopped following them. I have several of their comics, but didn’t really care for the writing myself, so they are mostly just novelty.

Here’s a really old photo of me with Claudio…yes I rocked an afro for 12 years.


That’s a really odd list and not any characters that I think would actually cross over well.


I tried the read the comics because I love their music so much. They were just really odd and bad. I think Claudio could use someone to help him structure his ideas a little better. I would like to read the novel that Claudio did with Peter David but it’s really hard to find as it was only part of a rare boxed set. It goes for insane prices on eBay.

I really like the latest album. I wasn’t sure about them continuing as Coheed & Cambria after the story was finished but I think it was probably a good choice. I think the concept thing was wearing them out.





I’m going for most random post of the day.

I’ve been re-reading the Mark Waid Flash era and at about 50 issues in (62-110) I have to say it’s a bit meh. Time has not been kind and it is definitely overrated. The nostalgia factor is keeping me going (it was the first DC book I bought and read starting with issue 92 I think) and I’ve been enjoying the Oscar Jiminez art. I remember his art form some Stormwatch and Contest of Champions II books but a quick wiki search revealed he did very little outside those.

Being a comic art collector I decided to contact him and ask about possible commissions. Here’s what happened all in the space of an hour this morning.

A reply within 5 minutes!

$600! Judging from his blog it seems he is now an animation artist. I’ve had similar experiences with comic artists that change professions and start charging inflated prices for commissions based on their new work rate. Oh well.

Was he originally trying to con me? That’s a steep price drop.

Whoa, now I’m being to feel bad for the guy. Whilst trying to find his email address I’d stumbled upon this article that says he had to sell his art to pay for his cats vet bills …Then I get the following message.

What an absolutely bizarre 55 minutes. I’d contacted the wrong person! Not really sure what to say after all that.


That was a nice little “I’m sorry” drawing though. The love of comics seems to generate some truly unique stories. :wink:


Post of the year…


That story was awesome :joy:


So, the above story took another twist last night. To give me the best chance of contacting Oscar Jimenez I actually sent out two emails yesterday morning. One contact address I got from a blog, the one I got all the replies from, (the ‘incorrect’ Oscar Jimenez) and one using a contact form on

By yesterday evening I had actually forgot about the message I sent through CAF, that is until I received an email at 9:48pm from my originally intended Oscar Jimenez. It made for sad reading.