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Unthinkable? Yeah its awesome! I read it digitally and missed at least one issue from what i remember, i keep meaning to order the trade when I’m buying stuff and it keeps slipping my mind! I can only actually recall a few scenes from it, it was in the days before i cut my drinking down and much of it is still a blur.

Edit: By digitally i mean scanned. I was very poor back then.


Found out today that if you have a standing comics order with Forbidden Planet you get 10% off the bill. Not sure how long this will last for.

Not sure who it’s aimed at, to be honest. I suspect most regular buyers already have their orders set up, but I guess it might be enough to convince some people to add a couple of extra titles.


And with that, David explains quite succinctly why we should dump the weight around comics’ metaphorical neck that is the Silver Age


Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I would like you to compare exhibit A, pure unadulterated joy:

with exhibit B, the depths of despair.

I understand that some of you might conceivably prefer exhibit B, presumably because your souls are black pits of joyless despair, but that’s fine, I’m not judging here.


Can I pick a good comic instead?


No Lorcan…It’s either A or B.


In that case, I set fire to both comics.


That’s the same as choosing B :expressionless:


If both the choices are shit, then what’s the point?

Though, I think you may have missed my point slightly when I said the Silver Age is a weight around the neck of comics. It’s not that Superman should or shouldn’t stick to Silver Age stories, it’s that Superman has been kept around at all. If you keep to the ideals of Superman as shown in the Silver Age, and try and tell a vaguely adult story, the whole thing falls apart.


It’s not uncommon, the standing orders reduce their risk in estimating demand. I’m sure most regulars have them but a lot of visitors to comic shops just pick off the shelves.

When I used mail order from Ace you ordered and paid up front 3 months in advance from Previews, they gave a 30% discount as that removes any risk at all but the downside was if you bought the first issue of a title and found out it was crap you already had the next two issues you had to buy.


Wow! Superman’s a dick in A. #notmysuperman :wink:


Just so we’re clear “Worst of” threads and links are something we discourage.




So I guess @Jim is off to Disney California Adventure.

That Rocket animatronic is pretty cool.

Guardians Of The Galaxy: Mission Breakout

Fails to mention Starman and Hitman.



Without clicking the link I expected Starman to be on there for sure.


I was just trying to work out which 16 issues of Sandman they would have chosen :thinking:


Thankfully we’ve progressed since 1989.



Forbes has put up a big career-retrospective interview with Katsuhiro Otomo: