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Now you’ve taken away Todd’s whole reason for being…I hope you’re happy with yourself JR :wink:


So, Sentry wasn’t carrying an ‘emergency kittens’ photo. More fool him.


It’s all good. I’m subcontracting out some of my workload.



No :expressionless:


Hulk stands outside the Daily Planet Building in Metropolis.
HULK: Come out Superman! Hulk is st–

Hulk is standing on Triton, a frozen moon of Neptune.
HULK: --rongest…huh?

Clark Kent, at his desk, sips his coffee while typing a story, Headline is: “HULK MYSTERIOUSLY VANISHES FROM EARTH, NO BYSTANDERS HARMED”.

The end.


What did Superman do to make Hulk let go? Tickle him?


Let go? :confused:

Ohhhh, you’re assuming Hulk had time to move one of his arms in the three nanoseconds it took Superman to carry him to Triton?

Interesting idea. But unlikely.


Headline: “Chunks of Neptune cause multiple tsunami, wiping out 95% of life on Earth.”

Thanks Supes.

EDIT: headline from The Cockroach Herald.


Considering how fast Supes would have to be going when he left, the shattered windows across Metropolis due to the sonic boom would have pissed everyone off.


Years ago, Superman invented a toughened glass that’s resistant to any shock effects caused by his flight, and spent an evening replacing every window in Metropolis.



Actually, I just made that up, it’s not canon :wink:


Has there not been a Flash story about all the adjustments made to Central City to accommodate a resident speedster? Or am I making that up?


I posted somewhere about Marvel’s Taskmaster and his potential and how he should be repackaged to be much more dangerous in the Marvel U.

I don’t want to start a thread on this, but if the formerly underused characters like Bullseye and Kingpin could be made dangerous in the DD title (which was genius), the same could be done with the Taskmaster and… well who else?

… and bring back Arcade while they are at it. :smile:


Arcade has apparently been in three different books in the last month (USAvengers, Elektra, and Gwenpool).

My first exposure to Taskmaster was in Agent X, where he was a good guy, pretty much, so I’ve never been a big fan of him as a flat-out villain. The solo mini-series he had from Fred Van Lente was good too.


It’s going back a little while but did you read Avengers Arena? Arcade was in that, and pretty f’ing cool too.


Given Hulk canon, he comes back six months later at the head of massive alien invasion


I LOVE Taskmaster. He could easily be used as the MCU answer to Deadpool.


I always link the two as my intro to Taskmaster was in the Joe Kelly Deadpool run.


Incidentally, this is also how the Doomsday storyline should have ended.


Have you read the Fred Van Lente Taskmaster series? It was all kinds of awesome.