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You’ve read it?


No, I just saw it on the stands back in the day.


In 2014, Marvel Studios produced The Guardians of the Galaxy, featuring one of the characters that Bill created, Rocket Raccoon. Marvel negotiated and agreed to a very nice compensation package for the rights to use Bill’s characters, and thanks to their acknowledging Bill’s contributions, he will now be able to leave the institution he’s lived in since 1995, and have in-home the care he needs for the rest of his life.

I have been Bill’s guardian for these past 25 years, and the outpouring of love, the praise he’s received, and the accolades he’s earned from fans and industry professionals alike is absolutely astounding. We have received cards and letters from all around the world, and Bill has an enormous fan base that continues to grow to this day. There is nothing that makes him prouder, or happier, than when someone writes and tells him how he, Bill Mantlo, changed their life is some magical, positive way.

On May 6 of this year, Marvel will once again bring to Bill the gift of a private screening of the new Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and he is very much looking forward to that. I am working feverishly to cut through all the bureaucratic red tape involved in getting Bill released from the nursing home, and into the new house that I’ve had built for him right next door to the house my wife and I live in. Improving his quality of life has been my life’s goal, and I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. Hopefully Bill’s crooked smile will finally return, and he can experience some joy and happiness for the rest of his days.

GotG Vol. 2 big load of nonsense thread

I’ve stopped visiting CBR regularly, but on a whim I had a quick look today, and the first thing I saw was this:

Is this the best they can do now? It’s a shame as they used to be a good comics site, but it seems like the ‘serious’ writing about comics has really taken a backseat to click bait-article stuff these days - which chimes with some of the criticisms I’ve heard from others.


Were you disappointed with whatever the number one choice is? :wink:

Nah - it is a real shame and irritating. Any good stuff gets lost in the mire. Time was there’d be something worthwhile to read on there pretty much daily. Like you I rarely bother now.


I did’t read that far but I assume it was the underwear scene from Birdman.


I didn’t click that far but now I’m tempted. Birdman is the best!

See. There might be something to this click-bait stuff: now I want to watch Birdman again.


I suspect that unfortunately in this age of social media and the way to generate visits that’s the most profitable way to run a website.

Since they’ve moved to this style I’ve seen the odd story shared by friends and appearing in my FB feed which I never saw before.


That’s the sad thing about it. It probably has worked for them.


A lot of truth in that I’m sure.

It just seems a bit odd to spend a famously large amount of money on a website that has built up a decent reputation, and then turn it into a clickbait peddling site the same as any other.

You would have thought the goodwill of their established reputation was part of the appeal of buying it, so it’s surprising to not even try and maintain that.


I’d like to think that Dave but I’m not sure the business model supports it. People want the web to be free and most of the comics websites have been unable to sustain themselves. iFanboy are now pretty much just podcast only and raise finds via donations, Comics Alliance went bust.

I’m looking now at a proposition given to me for a site and I can’t see a profitable solution that isn’t mainly about clicks for ad revenue. That’s not to be potentially be a millionaire, it’s the minimum to keep the lights on.


So do you think they were just paying for the name/recognition factor?


Yes, most likely, they were according to Google the most visited ‘geek’ site. Ain’t it Cool were way below them despite their credentials at the beginning of the internets and wider appeal away from just comic stuff.

I’m not happy with it but I do kind of appreciate that’s how they may have to go.

I have been increasingly more appreciative of the idea that any quality needs to be paid for in some way and have switched off parts of ad blockers.


I’m not sure if this is the right thread for this, but I finally got my hands on a Walt Simonson Thor trade and i’m enjoying it- even if it is volume 4, so I’m in the middle of an arc.


There’s a Trades thread if you want to discuss in more detail.


More towards the end I’d say, there were 5 volumes in total.


Someone other than @Todd posts a Cracked article.


Couldn’t decide whether this would go into the DC thread or the Marvel thread:


in the planet hulk follow-up, the hulk and sentry fought it out. hulk won.