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I disagree to be honest Ronnie. You notice it more immediately then but it’s still sloppy work and we should expect better, if I had to write or draw a story set in Germany I’d run it past Christian first to get it as right as I can (I have never been to Germany).

The point here is that all of it is wrong. Millar, Claremont and Rucka have made mistakes, like gun cartridges or nurses uniforms they are minor and nobody is perfect but they tried. Nobody on this book has tried. Not all UK police cars are Jaguars, mostly motorway police, but a lot of them are and that’s better than completely the wrong car parked on the wrong side of the road.


You’re not from Germany though. So you wouldn’t notice if someone got something so wrong about them. I’m saying we as individuals notice it when it’s something we personally know. It’s not particularly noticeable or bothering when they’ve gotten someone else’s region wrong.

Claremont may have tried some but also had some pretty gross stereotyping in areas. Millar does work hard at this passing his scripts through multiple people for these kind of checks. Rucka is pretty ruthless in his research.


No but my readers in Germany would, so I would do my best to make sure I didn’t screw it up.

Claremont came from another era of sending shit in the post and taking 3 weeks to arrive but he tried. These people did not try and that’s very disappointing professionally. To me the Millar or Rucka effort is what should be expected, not marked out as some exceptional talent. It’s not even that much work, they just ask questions of friends or online.


Fixed that for you there! :wink:


I’m sorry, but here we call it Flavor Country, not Flavour Couuntry.


OMG I never knew that! :wink:

On a more serious note, UK writers for the US market have either known that or it has been edited for them. If you find a ‘u’ in ‘colour/color’ in a comic it is one intended for the UK market primarily.


I nderstand K and nited States spelling differences so I ensre that yo over there in the SA can nderstand what I write. I cold mess p sometimes, bt I hope yo are timately pleased with the reslt :slight_smile:


I fking love this board sometimes


I’m with yo dde! :thmbsp


We don’t get rid of all the u’s just the ones that aren’t needed. :wink:

You can thank this guy. :wink:


Apparently he wanted to go even further but wasn’t able to make the more extreme ones stick – things like “tung” for “tongue”, which if you look at it logically you really should have adopted.


Ya it was meant to be more phonetically based.


I moved our discussion so it could continue in a slightly more appropriate place and not clog up talk about independent comics.


Good move :slight_smile:


I used to watch those hours, back when comics were some alien American thing that I’d never hope to see on a British high street. The idea of getting a random pack of 50 comics, one of which was “rare” is ridiculous to me now, but at the time, that seemed totally fine. It was Nick Barrucci (sp?) from Dynamic Forces on there most of the time, which helped make the feel exciting. Millar was even on there once, selling OHC of Ultimate X-Men (displayed on a nice little faux-velvet turntable that they used for the jewellery).

The only thing I ever actually bought off there was a nice Salvador Larroca X-Men litho.


There aren’t too many examples of Australia featuring in comics I’ve read, but the first that comes to mind as being terrible is Ellis’ Global Frequency where an Aboriginal police officer in Melbourne is summoned by GF, and chastised by his “Sarge”, who uses two racial slurs in the process, in front of several other officers.

I know there’s a stereotype of Australia being racist, but this simply would not fly.



I surprised myself in not knowing about this:


Found this bad boy in my stash the other day…back when Marvel was dipping it’s does in Christian-focused comics…

Some kid stumbles upon some crazy light-based power that can kill demons.


It’s funny, I was just trying to remember the name of that book the other day.