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Figured we could use a thread like this again - links to blogs, articles, and videos that don’t really fit into the new release or company specific threads.

This article from 2011 goes into some detail about the Marvel Annuals from 1993 - even as a youngster at the time (in 1993, not 2011), I glommed that this (along with the DC Bloodlines annuals) was a response to Image and the post-Image wave of new characters from every other publisher.

For those of you who’d bailed on mainstream comics at the time, or hadn’t come to comics, the gist is that Marvel editorial or marketing decided they needed to introduce as many new concepts as possible into the market, and would use that years’ annuals to introduce these characters. The annuals would each be an origin and first appearance (sure to be collectors’ items!) and came in a sealed polybag with a trading card (so you’d better buy two copies). There wasn’t a unifying storyline - these were standalone stories, basically filler.

This may or may not have been prompted by DC’s similar new character onslaught that year, where their line-wide Bloodlines story saw shape-shifting aliens come to Earth and feed on humans’ spinal fluid (or something) - if they were interrupted during feeding the humans would survive and gain some kind of superpower.

Bloodlines have us Hitman and not much else, while Marvel’s annuals gave us Adam X, (the eXtreme) and Carl Denti, the X-Cutioner.

Comics - Everyone Else (NOT Marvel / DC)
Millarworld Launches International Cosplay Contest!

Um, here’s a cool run-down of the controversial (for a time) Elseworlds 80 Page Giant from 1999:

The finished pages for the Elseworlds 80-Page Giant were sent to the printer, but before the presses could begin running in earnest, Levitz called and told them, ace reporter style, to “Stop the presses!”


Just picked up some good bargains on ebay.

Nick Fury: My War Gone by 1-13 £1 (I have the hardcover but will give these to a friend)
Nick Fury: Peacemaker 1-6 £1
Nick Fury: Max 1-6 £1
Jennifer Blood 1-36 + First Blood 1-4, 6 + Born Again 2-5 £1

Not a bad haul of 71 comics for a grand total of £4

Then I nabbed 113 BPRD and 22 Abe Sapien issues for £10. Result!


Oh man… I’m trying to cut back too! You’ve now got me toying with getting myself on to eBay. I love lacing the minimum bid on dozens of items I kind of want and seeing what I actually win. Unfortunately this means I’ve picked up a lot of dross over the years!! A haul of quality books on that list though?


The Guardian has an article on the growing role of female characters in comics which is surprisingly well informed. (Despite having to have Kapow in the headline but I do know the journalists often have no control over those).


I was listening to the Word Balloon podcast this afternoon and it had a wonderfully stupid section. The presenter, John Siuntres, took some listener questions and a guy called to say he enjoyed the interview with Chuck Dixon but didn’t know why his X-Men run was so badly criticised and went on to defend it. Of course Chuck Dixon never had an X-Men run, he was confusing him with Chuck Austen.

Siuntres famously always says he never got into the X-Men and has read almost none of it so he takes him at his word and gives some earnest response about Dixon being a solid writer.


The frustration of hearing something wrong in a podcast - the urge to interrupt and correct them…

Tangentially related to comics, a recent episode of “I was there too” features the dude who played the Apple store employee in Cap2: Winter Soldier. Some interesting stuff.


I was more amused because the whole thing from both of them lasted about 10 minutes, talking about something that didn’t exist. :smile:


You’d never catch us waffling on at length discussing things that don’t really exist.




Darwyn Cook on his place in comics:

The moderators asked if Cooke would ever explore genres beyond crime fiction. “If you end up good at something, then that’s what you do, that’s who you are,” Cooke said. "You tend to get typecast. I’m not bitching about that. I feel very lucky. You tend not to get offered work unless it’s something you’ve done before. DC never calls me up to do anything different. They call me up when they need a Silver Age riff or an old-timey thing. Other than that, I get offered crime work.

“Grant Morrison wanted me to work on ‘Multiversity,’ so of course he offered me the story of the Golden Age heroes,” continued Cooke. “I wrote him a very nice thank you, ‘I’d love to work with you someday, but I’m not doing any more of that. I’ve already done it. If you were to come back at me with something like ‘The Filth’ or ‘We3’ or ‘Seaguy,’ then sure, I would love to dive in with you.’ But I certainly don’t want to be that guy. And I am that guy. Trying to break out of that mold can be difficult. The crime stuff is my favorite type of fiction, my favorite type of film.”


Interesting. I can definitely see his point.


I read that article a few days ago. It’s a shame he got a raw deal from Marvel. I’m sure it was all above board (work for hire stuff, no guarantee of him helming it) but I’d love to have seen his work in the Marvel U.


That’s a great interview.


Kind of random but I bought this little guy this weekend:


Is it a tiny hardcover reprint of comics or is it text stories?


Text stories with a picture on every right-side page. The villain isn’t from the comics at all. Something dumb like “Dr. Weird”.


An interview with John Hendrick, MW contributor and owner of Big Bang comics.


I thought this was interesting. I’ve seen similar stories on books printed in Germany. It sounds a bit like the problems anti-drug comics ran into in the US in the 60’s and 70’s. I guess the question is how do you filter pro-Nazi propoganda and not end up cutting out stories against it with laws like this?


French rugby team Toulon just won the European Championship for the third time in a row, they are known as the Real Madrid of rugby with huge spending power allowing them to form a ‘galactico’ team of the world’s best players.

What I didn’t know until today is that all that money for players comes from comics. The owner is Mourad Boudjellal who is proprietor of Soleil comics in France. I’m used to big sporting clubs being funded by oil and property magnates but now is clearly the time for Mark Millar to buy Celtic football club.


Make it happen, Mark.
I have the perfect fix for the club as well if you’d like to employ me on a consulting basis.