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I am slightly surprised at the level of outrage here. I can understand disappointment that the show is being promoted in a slightly crass way (“hear the speech in full for the first time!”), but I think opposition to broadcasting the words of the speech altogether is a bit misguided.

It seems clear the show is going to properly analyse and critique the speech, rather than letting it be broadcast unopposed. Claiming that it is unacceptable to broadcast it altogether risks making it taboo and giving it more power than it deserves.


And something slightly lighter:

I’m seeing Finnemore in a couple of months. Can’t wait.


I just found out about this.

Disappointing. Mair is the reason I listen to PM, I think he’s one of the best radio interviewers I’ve heard. I probably won’t listen without him at the helm.


This started on Radio 4 last night, the first episode was pretty funny.

Been a while since I’ve heard anything from Newman.