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Radio (ga-ga)


As for continuity announcers, Radio 4 has a great one in the evenings who sounds almost exactly like Dr Hibbert from the Simpsons. I always expect a burst of inappropriate laughter at the end.


“aux port”.

I have a 2000 Chevy Lumina.

I’m lucky to have functional window wipers!


There are actually devices that allow you to connect one via your cassette deck.

…or does your car operate with 78 vinyl? :smile:


… “cassette deck” …


Just beside the Traction Control and Seat Warmers.


I like the Today programme for its content, but I get tired with interviewers from the Paxman school of confrontation.

It’s interesting that almost everybody in this thread has mentioned talk rather than music. I still listen to music radio occasionally, and I still think it still has a place in introducing you to new things, but usually I will prefer to listen to a CD that I know in advance I will like.


You have to remember that nobody else has ever seen a 8 track :wink:


Ouch, the winking smiley looks like it has been running with scissors.


He did say his care was a 2000 Chevy and not a 1975!


Having sung the praises of Radio 4’s PM programme, I was rather embarrassed on behalf of tonight’s presenter who was interviewing a scholar of Spanish literature about “the discovery of Don Quixote’s tomb”, and had to be gently told by her subject that Don Quixote was a fictional character, and that it was Cervantes’ tomb that was just discovered. :slight_smile:


My favorite car, a 1967 AMC Rambler Rebel (pretty much the same model as the Ambassador) named Hezekiah had an 8-track. I think I had Best of Bill Withers and a Greatest Hits thing from War (“Low Rider” etc.). Great car, commuted over a hundred miles a day with almost no troubles.

I tend to like old beaters, muscle cars, really. I like bench seats and four hundred horsepower. I do not like computers in cars. I like cars I may have some chance of fixing, as I do have a tendency to get stranded a hundred miles from anywhere. I’ve driven new cars and trucks - basically don’t like 'em. Almost all have the “Service Engine Immediately” light on, and 90% of the time it’s from clogged oxygen sensors ($400 each, if you’re lucky, and they have almost nothing to do with the operation of the vehicle).

To get to basics, I listen to the radio almost exclusively when in the car. I use an AM radio at home, just for baseball games. (I’ve listened to games on the radio all my life, do audio-only is natural and I can easily envision the game even if there are other things going on.) It’s also a time I can listen to music LOUD. Yah, still an old rocker. Three buttons for local classic rock stations, one for eclectic rock (KBCO) and one for the all-comedy station (for when all the rock stations go to commercial at the same time), No CD or tape or plug-ins or nothing. Just a potent enough radio to draw in a signal if up in the mountains stranded or whatever.

(I had the 4-door sedan, with seats that laid down flat to form a really uncomfortable bed.)

I also spin the dial often enough to sample other genres. I watch stuff on TV. I’m old and have preferences, but thank the good Lord that I remain open to new stuff! I hated it when I was kid and anything that wasn’t sterilized Big Band was “junk” and I was going to be punished for listening to it. Instead, I’ve kept an open ear as much as possible, despite disco and rap falling in there at times!


An interesting interview with Kazuo Ishiguro and Neil Gaiman on the Today programme this morning, focusing on the idea of ‘genre’ fiction and the expectations and stigma that are attached to the label. It’s about ten minutes long and starts around the 8:20 mark if you want to catch up with it on the iPlayer.


I liked the comments about Dickens and how he’s defined.

The link is here if anyone is interested:

Starts at 2 hours 22 mins.


Yeah, the Dickens bit made me chuckle.


The video of the segment is up now:


There was an incredibly interesting show about manners with David Mitchell that on Radio 4 this morning. Behaving Ourselves: Mitchell On Manners

It’s not, as you might expect, Mitchell telling you how to behave, but an exploration, in this first episode, of the history and development of manners and their off-shoot, etiquette.

The rest of the series (seemingly only 15 minute episodes) are on through the rest of this week, but are already up on the iPlayer, for some reason.

There’s also a new series of the Museum of Curiosity starting tonight, which is like the radio cousin of QI that I always forget about. Looks like Sarah Millican is the curator for this series though. I stopped listening to the show first time around because they had Jon Richardson on it, which was a shame.


John Finnemore’s Souvenir Programme is back. Wahey!


A new series of Chain Reaction started last night - Al Murray and Ed Byrne. Should be well worth a listen.


I’ve been catching up on this on the iplayer over the last few weeks. Between this and Cabin Pressure I’ve become a huge fan of his work over the past few years.

He has a knack for taking a joke and developing it and developing it further and further, taking into increasingly absurd territory without ever undercutting the logic of the situation he’s set up. He’s incredibly clever in a very unshowy way.

I wonder if he’ll be courted for television. Part of me hopes not, as he fits radio so perfectly.


I don’t know if they’re still available on IPlayer, but he wrote a series of Two Hander plays before Christmas called Double Acts. Some of them were absolutely brilliant. While they still had the absurd edge to them, he manages to develop the human relationships in each story as well. I heartily recommend giving them a shot if they come up again on Radio4 or 4extra.


I only heard one of those (the one with the office worker and night watchman). It was great. I’d love to check out the others at some point.