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One form of entertainment that’s not really covered by our other threads is radio, so let’s give it its own topic.

I’m really enjoying the BBC’s Chain Reaction at the moment - if you’re not familiar with it, the basic concept is that each week one celebrity interviews another, and then the following week that interviewee becomes the interviewer of a new subject.

The new series has been enjoyable enough - Reece Shearsmith and Bob Mortimer was entertaining, and Vic and Bob together was suitably surreal - but even more enticingly, the beeb have recently put the entire series (some eight seasons or so) back up on their radio iplayer for the time being.

There are some great pairings there - and for comics fans in particular, there’s Stewart Lee interviewing Alan Moore and Moore interviewing Brian Eno, as well as Frankie Boyle interviewing Grant Morrison who then goes on to interview Neil Innes.

Well worth checking out anyway. I’m looking forward to working my way through the back catalogue of all the ones I haven’t listened to yet.

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I’ve really enjoyed the few Chain Reaction’s I’ve listened to, I should try and listen to the rest. (And I’d add that part of the format is they pick the person they interview next).

I listen to a few radio shows but in the form of podcasts while commuting, I don’t think that matters as it’s the same audio format but just a different delivery method. Highlights for me are The News Quiz and Kermode and Mayo’s film show.


Listening to 94.5 Mix-fm (Perth Western Australia) at the moment as I’m colouring stuff…

The Saturday night listener request party mix is on.


I should really check out Kermode and Mayo’s show.

Another recent favourite is I’ve Never Seen Star Wars, an interview show where the format is that before the show they get the subject to try several new things that they’ve never done before, and then discuss whether they enjoyed them or not. It’s a great setup that leads to some fun discussions.


My favourite Chain Reaction is Bill Bailey interviewing Simon Pegg. “Tumors, boomers, bloomers” still cracks me up.


I love The News Quiz to bits (apart from anything else, I’ve had a weird sort of crush on Sandi Toksvig since No 73). I usually manage to get into the audience at least once per series - was there on Thursday. It can be a bit hit and miss, but when it’s on form, it’s brilliant.


I like the news quiz too, even if it can feel a bit ‘safe’ at times (which you could also say about a lot of other Radio Four comedy that I like).

It would be remiss of me to not mention Cabin Pressure in this thread too, even though it just finished at Christmas. One of my favourite sitcoms of all time for sure.


That’s the beauty of getting to go along to the recording … two hours of material that gets cut down to 28 minutes or so; often the best bits are the unsafe bits that don’t make the final edit.


I can imagine that would be fun to see.


They upload all the reviews from their radio shown on to YouTube - that’s how I catch them. They really have a great rapport…


What I like about is that it isn’t just Kermode’s soapbox as the critic, Mayo gets to have his say when he’s seen a film and there’s a lot of listener reviews and letters so you get quite a rounded view on any film.

To be noted is on Youtube they generally only share Kemode’s reviews and on the podcast they have a lot more content than on the live broadcast, especially if it’s disrupted by breaking news because that’s Radio 5’s remit.


I couldn’t get the early episodes of Chain Reaction to work but listened to the Vic and Bob one and Reece Sheersmith / Bob Mortimer one. Now, since I’ve got the iPlayer radio app open I’m listening to Radio 3 which has a video game music edition of a program called Sound of Cinema. Skyrim, Bioshock and lots of other games I know as well as plenty I don’t. Might tune in to this again.


The radio stations around here play far too much Pink Floyd and too little CSN&Y. KBCO (for Boulder COunty) does lots of eclectic stuff, lots of in-studio concerts, and from these every year they put out a CD near Christmas. Last year over 30,000 were sold between the noon release and 6 p.m.! Volume 13 contains Eric Clapton, Stevie Nicks (doing “Landslide” acoustically, sublime) and Buddy Guy, among others. They’ve turned into collector’s pieces, from the fine performances, well-recorded, to the annual selection, year 17 should be really special. I think they got John Hyatt, Will.I.Am., Tom Petty and some chick named Adele. I think they’re an iHeart station, so it should be available just about anywhere.

They’re the little station that could - and does!


The internet means you aren’t really restricted to what is local.


Yeah, what I like about the weeks when Mayo is off is that whoever is filling in usually sees all the films too, and there’s more of a conversation. Mayo mostly only sees the films when he has to do an interview for it.


And Radio 6 fans in here? I like to listen to Lauren Laverne and Jarvis Cocker whenever I can, don’t mind an occasional listen to Cerys Matthews or Craig Charles either. There’s also a couple of Bjork documentaries on the iPlayer page at the moment that I’m intending to get my ears around sometime soon.


My automobile antenna tells me I AM restricted to what is local!


The radio stations here are pretty terrible so I plug my MP3 player into the aux port and play downloaded show.


I only regularly listen to the radio when I wake up these days. When I was younger it was Radio 1, then once I started working it moved to radio 5, and a few years back it changed to radio 4.

I have a complete love/hate relationship with the Today programme on radio 4 in the morning. Most of the regular presenters irritate me immensely, but I aim to count the rise in blood pressure they invariably cause as an alternative to aerobic exercise first thing. But it’s a useful way to get a feel for what the news agenda of the day is going to be, and radio 4 is much more likely to cover stories that I need to have some sort of awareness of.

And then there’s the continuity announcers. Who doesn’t love the smooth, mellifluous, tones of the Radio 4 newsreaders, gently, calmly, unflappably conveying the news. When nuclear Armageddon comes, I want Zeb Soanes to be the one to break the news to me.

It’s why The Shipping Forecast is so loved. Poetry and gorgeous voices.


I have a similar relationship with the Today programme. It can be infuriating at times, and there’s often a weird and seemingly arbitrary mix of the important with the utterly trivial, but it tends to cover the big stories of the day in a reasonable amount of depth and they tend to get the biggest interview subjects.

I prefer PM due to Eddie Mair, who I think is a much more incisive interviewer than anyone on Today.