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Quick Q on 1960s American revolutionaries


I’m familiar with the Weather-men and their bust out of Timothy Leary, but need some others 5 years earlier, preferably an anti-capitalist movement, living below radar, in the mid 60s.

It’s for a story of course but all the radicals I’m well-versed in tend to be 1968 and over.

Any thoughts?



If you need a real one then that may be difficult, the far left in America was certainly growing a bit more in the 1960s that the 1950’s but it took the Vietnam War to radicalise bits of it and it was a slow process. Johnson took over from Kennedy and his escalation of the war is usually seen as the turning point. That was 1965-ish so it might fit your timeline?

The Weathermen came out of the Students for a Democratic Society but that really was a political movement, which is why some people broke away from it to be more radical.

If there were other, dangerous, underground groups before them, then they were so underground we’ve never heard of them?


Something like the Symbionese Liberation Army that captured Patty Hearst? It looked like a small outfit, but there were rumbles it was a much larger movement, but one that did not approve of the violence and kidnapping of that cell.

How about the American Indian Movement? The real A.I.M.? Very quiet until they took over Alcatraz Island.

About 1966-67 there were a lot of protests by enlisted men (maybe by women too, but I haven’t heard) who declined to go to Southeast Asia. They were usually dealt with by the Uniform Code of Military Justice (Will can correct em on this) and put in some sort of punishment detail/barracks equivalent to a jail. Where they proceeded to have hunger strikes and the occasional riot.


The Merry Pranksters were in that time period.