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Quick ball point pen sketches


Hey folks, I haven’t posted in a while, work, work, work. While I’m at work I keep a 4"x6" sketchbook at my side for just jotting down ideas or thumbnails for what I’m working on. Every once in a while I just do quick warm ups with ball point pens. Sometimes it could be for an image I’d like to do later or it might just be helping me figure something out. Here are some of the ones that I’ve done lately :smiley:


Amazing job Dude! Love the style and funny vibe.


Hello stranger!
Lovely stuff!


Really like the Zelda pig!


Thanks folks, I appreciate the support :smiley:


Here’s my quick little ball point pen sketch from lunch today :smiley:

Who ya gonna call?


Just adding a few more :smile:


I fricking love this. Your wonder woman is wonderful.


I was watching the Real Ghostbusters while eating lunch and just has to bust out a quick Samhain :smiley:


This is a couple of years old now, facebook sent me a reminder of it today, so now you get to see it as well :smiley:


I finished Uncharted 4 the other day. Fantastic game, best in the series, so it called for a quick lunch time pen sketch :smiley:


Another Ghostbusters quick pen sketch! I kind of love these guys :stuck_out_tongue:


Watched Ghostbusters again last night while falling to sleep. Woke up and quickly sketched this out to remind myself to do a quality version of it later!


My day job keeps me pretty busy and my side hustle keeps me away from doing much for myself, so I haven’t been able to update this as much as I’d like. I’ll keep posting when I get the chance though!

Here’s a little Star Fox quick pen sketch :slight_smile:


I sketched this while waiting for water to boil the other night and liked it so much that I decided that I would eventually colour it. With no one around because of the holidays I had the chance to do it up :slight_smile:


Good stuff dude! I like your style.