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Questions on Alien and David.

Ok here are some theories as to why David docked then crashed.
Maybe Shaw forced him to launch after his mass murder, while forcing him he over powered her but then not being in control crashed the ship. My buddy and me have been trying to work out why David would have docked then taken off again. We sort of worked out that David and Shaw 's relationship had gone a bit bad as clearly David is not right in the head, but that’s our theory.

Now shooting fast forward to Alien 1 how did the engineer crash land on the planet where Ripley and co found it. bare in mind it had eggs on board and had been crashed there for a long time. How would David have got the eggs onto the ship being as they are his babies?

AVP can not be linked in any way being as the history story told goes back thousands of years, the Aliens would not have been around as it was David who if you like created them.

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