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Questions about Ultimate Avengers


I’m a big fan of the Ultimate Avengers series, but I have some questions that I’m wondering if any of the users here, or Mark Millar himself, might have the answers to:

  1. Pre-release interviews and art indicated that Dr. Doom, Wolverine, Daredevil, and Nightcrawler were going to be part of the series. Since these characters died in Ultimatum, does that mean Ultimate Avengers was plotted before Ultimatum was fully fleshed-out? What role would these characters have played in the series if they hadn’t been killed off beforehand?

  2. What role would Ultimate Kang have played in Ultimate Avengers? Did he have a connection to Gregory Stark and his advanced technology?

  3. Why was the Spider colored Purple and Orange? I know those were the original colors for classic Spider-Man, but what is the connection to -this- character? Was the Spider meant to have a different origin than was eventually revealed?

  4. How was Time Travel going to play into the story? What were the “rules” of Time Travel that were going to be outlined?

  5. Why didn’t John Romita Jr. end up drawing UA3? Who was originally going to draw UAvs.NU?

  6. Why and how did the Vampire leader Anthony have an Iron Man armor?