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Question for Americans about alcohol


I always like to be accurate with these things so what’s a favourite tipple for a grandmother in her late 70s in the USA. What would be a very typical drink for a bunch of old people to all be drinking at a wedding for example?



There are regional preferences and it depends on class but for a general answer I’d say wine, and likely from a box (if it’s around the house).

Are you looking for name brands?


Boxed wine at a wedding?

Not port? Or vermouth or something?


No at a wedding it would be bottles.

For harder alcohol brandy is a common one I see among old folks, but as I said there are regional preferences too.


I’ll go with brandy then. Thanks all!



Not to speak for all of America but I think it’s a safe choice.


Growing up in the country, it would be gin cocktails and wine spritzers for the women. Beer (Pabst Blue Ribbon!) and Bourbon for men. Not much just plain wine, but hard apple cider was popular. That actually went back to the Catholic vs Proteatant divide in the culture for much of its history. Also, being a “wino” was considered the lowest form of life for some reason compared to just being a drunk. Never understood that, really, but cheap wine was associated with trash more than anything when I was growing up.



Gin is a good one, Johnny is right about that. Big bottles of Tangueray.


Social class (we do have those in America ) matters a lot, as does region. I think a wedding in the north would mostly have wine… good wine or Champagne at an upper middle-class or wealthy wedding, cheap wine, like jugs of Carlo Rossi and off-brand sparkling wines at poor weddings. Southern states might have more variety… not sure about western states.


Can’t go wrong with a wine, champagne or a Tom Collins.


My grandma (in her 90s) in all about the wine. Though not from a box. My mom and aunt’s are big on the wine too. But yeah, champagne at a wedding is pretty classic.


Bourbon has always been popular with my grandparents generation.


Usually a lightly mixed drink. Mimosa, maybe. It tends to follow the social situation. Bloody Marys for Sunday brunch, maybe gin tonics for sundown by the pool.


Most of the people I know that are 70+ years old are teetotaler. :wink:


It is weird to think that my parents are actually the grandparents of today. Certainly, wine, beer and whiskey are much more popular than mixed drinks, but almost always someone makes a Strawberry Daiquiri or Pina Colada at any gathering of note. Margaritas were popular for a time too. I think that due to the many vacations to Florida, a lot of rum drinks are popular at least among the white middle class baby boomers.

For my grandparents though, they were of the cocktail generation with the aforementioned gin as a primary ingredient (Martini, gin and tonic, tom collins, etc)


This is the correct answer, in my opinion Mark


Well being a bartender for the last 15 years I would say Wine is the safest bet it right. But I would also recommend maybe Mimosa, Vodka bases drinks, or there is a Comany (owned & created by one of my best friends) called Crafthouse Cocktails. It’s a premixed premium cocktail sold in a bottle, made with all fresh ingredients, & they are amazing. Great for a wedding or any type of party. would love to get you in touch with him if you wanted.


About 80 percent of my offseason bar regulars are over 65. When they get liquor-based cocktails, they lean towards gin and bourbon. Manhattans, Old Fashioneds, Tom Collins, gin and tonics, etc. They also tend to like Rye, for some reason. Not as much Scotch as you’d tend to think.


One more thing about Crafthouse Coctails, there are 3 different kinds to pick from. A Moscow Mule (vodka based), a South Side (gin based) & a Paloma ( tequila based).