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Question about starting a comic-book


I have a question: I want to begin my own comic book series and I am planning to write it on various languages to maximize the benefits. (Or at least, try to subsist with it)

The question is: If I want to do this and make a living. I should begin as a Kickstarter/crowdfunding project or as a webcomic and going with the crowdfunding later?

Anyway I don’t want to begin till I finish the first “saga” so to speak, so take your time.

Thank you for your answers and your time.


My recommendation would be to start it as a webcomic to start building a following and do a Kickstarter for a print edition if that is successful. Those seem to be the projects that have had the most success.


We have some posters such as @mattgarvey1981 that have launched there own comics. They can also give you some of the ins and outs of the process.


I tend to agree with Ronnie. Using language I think is a clever idea too many ignore, you expand the potential market hugely with little work.

You can also try Comixology Submit.


Yep, always here to help!
Great to hear you wanna make your own comics and the idea about multiple languages is fantastic.

Overall, I think you need to decide what you want to achieve with this project and what are your goals.
That will help you focus to get it out there because there is no point in having a comic in 20 different languages if people are not reading it in English, let alone French, Italian etc…
You’re gonna need to find a route to market…as previously mentioned above by @garjones, comiXology is a great way to get your books out to a wider audience.
I use it to get my comics out there because postage oversees can be VERY high.

However, by the sounds of it, you are starting from the ground up and still writing your opus, yeah?

If that Is right, your first goal/target should be how are you gonna get this comic made?
Are you just the writer or at you an artist too?
If not, You’re gonna need to find an artist, colourist, letter to put this comic together.
Are you paying?
Do you have a budget?
Are you gonna kick start it to find the funds?
If so, how much of the completed comic are you gonna need to ensure that get that funding?
If you are going down the “crowd funding” route I’d suggest following Ryan K Lindsay on twitter, he is a crowd funding master!
Because he lives in Australia (postage is sooooo much) so all his comics cost $1 for a digital copy and he sets the target low…always exceeds his target and puts out great books and the cash goes to his artists.
I tried to do a kickstarter a couple of years ago and fell flat on my face!
It is a lot harder than it looks…so, I just saved up my cash and did it on my own!

So, there are loads of things to start thinking about…

I also, did a thread on hear called small press 101, that might be worth you reading.
I go through what I have done to get my comics made…might help! :slight_smile:

Sorry this is a bit all over the shop, currently on the train writing on my phone and I got fat thumbs! :joy:

But we are all here to help, so any questions, don’t hesitate to just ask! :wink:


Here’s Matt’s thread:


Cheers D!
Useless at trying to add links and pics while mobile! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I think you should already have something before asking people to invest


I’ve found this thread and Garvey’s thread very useful, thanks. I’ve been
selfpublishing my own indie-comics a while now, but never actually
considered Comixology. Do they take b&w comics?


They do, fella.
My comic, Cordelia Swift is on there and that’s black and white…




I’m sincerely and extremely grateful for your help. Honestly, I never would have thought in such a big number of answers in such a short time.
Thank you to all of you.


more than welcome, buddy!
That’s what we are all here for…helping one another! :wink:


As Matt says they do. You can’t really lose out with their model. They package it for free and then take half the money when anything is sold so there’s no financial outlay upfront. They don’t accept everything though and review the books that go up so I know there can be a delay of a few weeks from submitting to getting on the site.


:clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3::ok_hand:t3: You guys are awesome


What about transmedia projects?
What if I want to create a comic-book first and then a videogame with a related history?
Which of these platforms is better: Amazon or Comixology?

Tying with this I have JUST found an article about millennials who donate their money to free to play videogames and streamers.


One thing struck me. For Comixology they have an application process for new comics submissions that takes several weeks. For Amazon they don’t. I’ve posted e-books up there and it’d done pretty much instantly. The terms are also a bit better (around 70% royalty compared to 50% on Comixology Submit).

So for me I’d do both. Neither costs anything at the front end and they each have their own advantages. Different approaches to a degree though considering they are part of the same company.


I have been working on my book and I have issue#1 already prepared.
My question is: Should I post it on web pages were I can make money like comixology, amazon or Pulsar entertainment, even if the comic doesn’t cost much, or should I post it in pages like subcultura or Millarworld for free to obtain a bigger fanbase?
Thanks for your answers.


Both. If you have the first issue finished, post preview pages in communities that you participate in as well as putting your work up for sale on ComiXology and other venues.


I had another idea: Why not to post in the free sites a few episodes and then making an album with some of them and adding things like more scenes, info about the world and such?
Like a movie in the cinema and a DVD/blu-ray release.