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Pumpkin Carving 2018


Anybody else have fun carving a pumpkin?


That’s really good!


OK, you win. I’ll smash my pumpkin on the way out. Don’t get up, I’ll show myself to the door.


I tried carving a pumpkin with a chain saw this year.

Didn’t work.



I didn’t have time this year, but my kids had fun doing a few.


Those are good! Compliments to the carvers!


We did ours on Sunday. They haven’t lasted unfortunately and I was a little too ambitious for my skill level again.


And I can’t get you out of my head…


This one’s from Drew and Jamie (once of this parish). Drew’s doing a Halloween Man signing in Austin in about an hour, for anyone interested.


Okay, Mother Nature saw some room for improvement, and she did an awesome job. :hugs:


Y’know - I think you’re right!


Hahaha. There was a pumpkin down the road from us that suffered a similar gross looking fate.