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Published Author Open to Collaborations with a Committed Team - Your Idea or Mine

Hello fellow Comic Book Creators and Lovers.

I am a published author/writer/letterer/designer and looking for another committed team for a new project.

I currently have submissions out to the top 5 for a personal project and in the meantime I’m looking to build my portfolio.

If you are a penciler, inker, colorist, digital artist, pin-up artist, or cover artist I’d like to connect with you.

My skill set:
Writer (Fantasy & Sci-Fi)
Convention Scheduling
Backer (for things like marketing materials and convention appearances for promotional purposes)

My comic credits are as follows:
Only Human #1 (2014) 1st print sold out
Only Human #0 (2015)
Zorn The Last Zombie #1 (2015)
Only Human #2 (2016)
AC Comic’s FemForce #174
AC Comic’s FemForce #177
AC Comic’s FemForce #180

What I’m interested in:
Looking for a committed team to collaborate with. You must have some free time you can dedicate to this project, since I commit 110% to any collaborations. Your idea, mine, or a group decision; I don’t care. I’d just like to network with some like minded creators that want to make something awesome and possibly get it to Image, Dark Horse, Archaia, IDW/Black Crown, Avatar etc.

I don’t require any payment up front, if you need money up front, I’m willing to help you run a kickstarter for funding. I’m fine with working on royalties or back end payments, when they happen.

To get 6 inked or inked and colored pages together for me to letter. I will submit these to major publishers for consideration in publishing. If they don’t bite, I’m willing to help you run/promote a kickstarter campaign for indie publishing. We have an imprint to publish the book under along with template and UPC/ISBN, etc. So everything would be ready to go with or without a major publisher.

Get in touch with me Soon!

I look forward to hearing from you!

Feel free to find my portfolio at:

I’ve been working on an 8 page pitch. Through a curated submission anthology group. If that interests you shoot me a message. Also looking to be build my portfolio and meet other likeminded people. The group has an editor, and I’ve been doing the entire project myself.

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not to poo poo on your parade, fella.
You might have more luck finding collaborators (especially artists) to work with you if you paid them, rather than offering to help run a kick starter.
Speaking from experience…i had to saved up my money, then pay my artist collaborators to do draw and ink.
Then doing all the stuff you listed you will do! :wink:
Added benefit of this is that you’ll be able to choose the artist you work with and find a style that fits your project.


Matt, perhaps the intent of my post is not clear. I have paid many artists, probably to the point where I may never recoup my investment. But, I think it’s important to respect people’s time. And I realize the comic medium is a labor of love. So in ways I’m fine with that.

However, this is NOT for my project. I’m a published author. I have my own projects being solicited. I don’t want to helm and run another project right now because frankly it’s really expensive. Have you paid for 128 pages of complete art? If so, then you know what I’m talking about. And if you can do so consistently you are either VERY successful or you have the luxury of being able to continue to do so.

No, this is to find a collaborative team that needs a talented writer/editor/letterer and all the other skills I mentioned. Certainly you don’t value my experience and talent at $0, do you?

If you are just trolling, please move along. I don’t need anyone to rain on my parade. I know how hard it is to get published, to find a good team etc. And it sounds like you know the pain all too well.

Thanks for dropping by, but please move along, if you are not looking to add value to this thread, and from the sounds of it you are not.



Hi Skip,

Thanks for the reply. PM incoming!


couldn’t be further from the truth, fella…I’ve been making my own comics for a couple of years,
Last year i managed to pay all my artists partners (out of my own pocket from saving up) and put out seven individual comic issues and sell over 3,200 physical comics.
I was just trying to give you some advice…and help.
sorry to hear that you have interpreted it in a negative way.
I wish all the luck in your endevours.

i wont be responding to you again.

Kind regards



Joseph, I think you took Matt’s post in a manner in which he did not intend. Matt’s not known to troll; I’m sure he was just trying to give you some advice.


Matt isn’t Trolling, everyone here makes a point of letting prospective writers, published or not, know that although we have a lot of collaboration on here it usually falls a little flatter for writers than it does artists, so the advice is always that a writer should seek out artists individually here, as the artists rarely come here looking writers.

It’s a kindness in time saving we grant any writer who comes here in order to help them be successful in finding collab, he wasn’t singling you out, he was just the first to reply looking to help.


Hi Will and Parker, Thanks for the responses. If he were dealing with an unpublished writer or someone who had no experience in comics or graphic novels, his point may be valid. That is not the case. Matt could very well be paying next to nothing for his artists, maybe that’s how he can afford to pay them all up front.

I’m not assuming anything and neither should he.

Irregardless. This is not the intent of this post, I’m not looking for free work. I’m not looking for an artist for my book. I’m offering my collaborative services. If noone can use my help or experience, that’s fine.

Trust me Joseph, his point is valid either way. Millarworld is a fantastic place to find collaboration, but artists don’t come here to find writers very much, published or not. If they do they tend to have their own thread. We’re only giving you local knowledge of the message board and trying to help.


MillarWorld is not a place with ANY trolls from my experience!:heart_eyes_cat:
And @mattgarvey1981 is one of the most supportive to other creators that I have seen.
He has never said a bad thing to anyone on any thread… except @markabnett


I’m sure Matt wasn’t trying to insult you or your experience by offering advice. You shouldn’t take it as such.


I second this. @mattgarvey1981 is looking out for all of us and is rooting for everyone’s success.


Well , when so many people say that Matt wasn’t trying to insult you I think you must listen to them. Its just a misunderstanding trust me on that.

Have fun.


Hi! I cannot do work on spec, but I do everything so you won’t need a team. Just a story. :slight_smile: check out the link:



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Fantastic work Rod

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