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Public Speaking....little help!


You apologise for not saying it? :wink:

Are you feeling ashamed of yourself that you didn’t get in there first? Heheheh.


I’m counting myself with the transgressors. :wink:


Never yell into a microphone.


Oh, I didn’t think to give advice on using a microphone if one is provided. If you’re given a cardioid mic (below), be sure to hold it close to your mouth as they don’t have a very wide range. If it is a headset or smaller directional mics, this isn’t much of a worry.

Also, DO NOT pop your p’s. This is probably one of my biggest pet peeves as a sound guy.


Y’know that crap comes out of Trump’s mouth? Don’t do that.


I figure Professor Garvey talking in college will be a lot like Indiana Jones


Someone better brIng me an apple and I better sew done leather patches on my elbows! :joy:


Look at this TIT!


You must have been good if the audience were flashing you!


And here we have the Garvey, in his unnatural environment, yet nevertheless displaying a confidence and command of the public space that he has often been known for in other, more natural environments (i.e. the pub).


You were supposed to imagine the audience in their underwear, Matt!! All the folks in that picture have their clothes on!! FAIL!


Just do what you do in the Bar… only, Beerless.

No. Really.
Just be prepared. Let your knowlege and your passion speak for you.
Another Trick, if the crowd is to big, try focusing in a smaller group when you talk, it sometimes Help tricking your brain into thinking that you are speaking to an smaller audience.


Do it naked.


They do say you should make an audience laugh.


When I do some public speaking, there is always laughter.

I have not given a eulogy in quite a while.


When I speak in public, it’s always naked.

There is also occasional laughter.


They laughed :blush:
Not sure if it was with me or at me, but there was laughter non the less!

It actually went really well.
Was nervous at the start, but relaxed after a bit and they seemed to like it t.

One came up to me and said I’d helped with his writer’s block…I assume I was so boring, so his mind had time to wander!

One sent me a tweet a couple of hours after and said I was “inspirational” but I think he must have been high :laughing:

It was a REALLY lovely big day, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat…I just hope that got something from it.

Thanks again for all your advice, everyone, really helped.



Hooray for Professor Pickle M Zucchini!

Glad to hear you had fun. I hope they all brought you an apple.


No, but one of the students drew me a picture of a giant penis!
True story…still not sure how to take it…pardon the pun.


Yeah, you’re sure. You don’t give some a penis picture without having, you know, intentions.