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Public Speaking....little help!


The good thing about RedBubble or similar sites (I would recommend TeePublic) is that you can just upload your designs and customers can order directly from them. They handle the printing and you get a percentage of the sale. My wife has dabbled in it and I know @MartinSmith does too. It would solve some of your ship to the US issues for online sales.


I spat tea when I read that haha


Matt Garvey agrees


Ronnie M says 'fuck this you bunch of cunts, I’m off to the fucking church".


It’s better than when people refer to themselves as “the author” in scholarly journals. That stuff bugs the shit out of me. Either say it without needing to refer to yourself, use I or your damned name.


I’m going to have that made into a shirt. :wink:

Though I wouldn’t use the c-word as it is connected to a people group. :wink:


that si a very good idea, but i like to be in control of my stock and its nice for people to contact me if they have any issues.

For instance i had a one US order that didn’t get his comics, so i dealt with it…personal touch.
(just to clarify, i didn’t deal with it with a “personal touch”) :wink:

But i agree, would be good for US orders…might look into it.


That’s my thinking on Redbubble Ronnie, especially as their customer services was so good when I tested it out, they couldn’t be more helpful. It has pretty much everything I need and the quality is solid - shipping can be slow but it’s a small price to pay in my eyes.


In a journal papers will often (almost always) be a collaboration, so saying “I” is ambiguous and listing all your names every time would be silly.

Hmmm. I suppose they could say “we”. But I still think “the authors” is the least ambiguous.


I would just talk to them like you are talking to people at the pub. Well, to a degree. Maybe don’t get drunk and/or ask for drinks. But the best uni lectures are ones where it just feels like the lecturer’s talking to you casually, rather than reading a prepared speech or just clicking through a powerpoint.


i may have to steady the nerves with a stiff one…wait what?! :joy:


I’ve tried Redbubble and a few others. From a customer perspective, my favorite is TeePublic. They have really nice shirts, a lot of selection in shirt colors and styles and what you can print on, and their prices are pretty good. They even do a $14 sale from time to time.

I was talking specifically in the singular, “the author”. “The authors” doesn’t sound quite as stupid.


I’ll check them out… I don’t think there is any clause at Red Bubble your designs can’t be used elsewhere so it could be a good idea to use both.


No, there is not. If you surf a lot of the t-shirt sites, you can find the same artists on all sites. If I see a design on another site that I like, I’ll generally check TeePublic or wait until it shows up there.


Cool, I didn’t realise that. I’ll definitely get on there too, then, thank you! I’d also like to do a partnership (sponsor) with a t-shirt company for my youtube channel so knowing that gives me lots more options there, too!!


Having had the pleasure of doing public speaking a few times, the thing that I have been told to do, that definitely works… pick a few people who you can make eye contact with. Then bounce between them while you are talking. Let everyone else become an invisible mass. If you pick the people you are talking to, it becomes more like a conversation to a very small group of specific people - rather than this mass of people.

This is why some speakers like to immediately start with a q & a, or a “hypothetical” question to kick start their talk. If someone in the audience asks you a question, then you are making eye contact with them, and directly talking to one person. As long as you maintain the eye contact, the rest of the room disappears.

Then as you warm up, you can move to more people until it becomes a non-issue.


I think what this thread has taught Matt is he should call his audience motherfuckers and then ramble off on a completely unrelated subject. Good work Millarworld!


I keep trying to avoid innuendos. But it’s hard … so hard.


I was going to post the video of my best man’s speech for @Mark_Hall’s wedding and talk about my method, but Jim’s pretty much described it here.


I see you’ve met Matt before as this is how he holds all conversations.