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Public Speaking....little help!

Ok, so this time next week I am going to university…no, I am not going back as a mature student, because let’s face it…me? Mature?! Yeah, right.

If you can believe it, I have been asked to give a talk to 2nd and 3rd year students at Staffordshire University on making…and selling comics, which is incredibly flattering.
But, if I am honest, it’s a little bit daunting….put me in a pub with a beer in my hand or behind a comic table and I can talk for England!
But, this is a lecture theatre and a much larger group…

So, apart from “picturing them all in their underwear” and knowing my material.

Any advice to addressing a large crowd?


Check your flies!

Also watch some TED. See if you can find someone whose style seems like a good match to yours, and see how the presenters CHUNK ( :wink: ) sections of the talk. Mainly, do what you do in your comics… tell a story!


Don’t fucking swear.


Seriously, I have no advice but I know you’ll be awesome anyway.


there actually is NO swearing in my talk…i was very conscious not to do that when i was writing it! :joy:

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awwwww, thanks! :smiley:

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Checking out some TED talks is a good idea. Not sure who would match your unique style? Ah you’ll have no bother. All you have to do is call them pickle. You’ll have them eating out of your hand.

You can test that theory here if you don’t believe me. (Really I’m just angling for you to call me pickle).


Talk to them like you’re talking to us. Be conversational. Think about what your key points are. Make sure you have a rough map of what you want to say (rather than reading from a script in a relentless monotone).

Be funny and self deprecating.

And be yourself. Trust me, being authentic is much easier to keep up.

In any case, you are going to fine.


“Buy my books. The answers are all in my books. On sale in the lobby as you leave.”


Thats my weekend, planned! watching TED talks! Thanks! :smiley:

thanks for the vote of confidence…Pickle! :smiley:

Whole talk is planned like a script…even the jokes! along with a powerpoint… :smiley:

Organiser actually told me to bring comics up to sell! :smiley:


I have no worries for you on this. You are going to be fine once you have an audience.

BTW…Someone mentioned TED talks above. Taika Wahiti’s is a work of genius


Oh my. :blush: Matt is the bestest best public speaker I ever did hear. His words are so hucking handsomely informative and wise. If a puppy cuddle was a public speaker it would be Matt. So memorable.

I actually didn’t hear anything past the word pickle. :blush:


Don’t tell @Sanjay because he gets VERY jealous when i share vegetable pictures with people other than him!



There are lots of good books about that sort of thing. Paul McKenna’s confidence one helped me in job interviews way back, and covers public speaking. The best takeaway from it was to imagine you’re in the shoes of someone you picture as being relaxed in front of crowd, imagine what they see and feel - someone like Will Smith on a chat show, who manages to look utterly relaxed is a good 'un. If nothing else it chills you out and tricks your body into feeling a portion of that relaxedness.


That’s amazing :open_mouth: :thumbsup:

I was going to ask if that was allowed (figuring the answer was “no”) and suggest that you hand out business cards instead.

The business cards might still be a good idea, though. Lot of people might buy digital later.





See! Pickle is your secret weapon. Also zucchini.

Sanjay should make a Jawa say zucchini in the next Star Wars movie. It’s close enough to their catchphrase


Definitely need a tighter shirt.
Also hot pants are popular with the young people these days so that should put them at ease.

Pretend you are Chip Zdarsky. This will give you credibility.

Always, ALWAYS, cut off the end of your senten…

This will grab their attention and make them eager to lea…

But above all do not give away trade secrets and promote the industry and your books. This has never worked ask @Mark_Millar

I would wish you luck but you don’t need it.

Maybe an enema, but not luck.


i’ll give that a go!

Jawa saying Zucchini?!
Only if i can voice it!

[quote=“markabnett, post:17, topic:9715, full:true”]
Definitely need a tighter shirt.Also hot pants are popular with the young people these days so that should put them at ease. [/quote]

I was think about going full John Mclaine…dirty white vest, rather than tight T-shirt :wink:


There are secrets?!
No one told me!!!

i’d kill for a clean…

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You sell stuff for a living. You already know how to do this.


i sell it…not making a living off it…getting into debt, maybe! :joy: