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***Proud Dad superhero moment!***


I’ve brain-washed all my kids to love superheroes, but my middle child, just turned four, is especially into it. She’s been training up my eighteen month old to the point where her FIFTH WORD was Batman. Seriously. I nearly fell off my chair as she pointed to the Adam West DVD box set a couple of weeks back and said it for the first time, totally unexpectedly.

Anyway, so last night I’m sitting reading the paper and I hear them playing in the hall. My 4 year old is teaching my 18 month old the THEME TUNE FOR THE UNAIRED BATGIRL PILOT. I’m very proud of the fact she knows the tune to a 48 year old TV show of which only 15 mins were shot and it was never actually shown to the public. But even prouder when my 18 month old was trying to sing it back to her. The next generation is being prepared!!!

PS A caveat worth mentioning is that she does get it slightly wrong. Instead of WHO’S BABY ARE YA?, she sings WHO BABIES ARE YA? but like spaghetti being pronounced PASCETI I just can’t bring myself to change it!!


You don’t know how happy I was that my boy said “Mommy” before “Batman.” I would have been in a bit of trouble had it been otherwise.


I know the feeling, in another pasta related error my son says cockeroni instead of macaroni, it’s too funny to correct.


My boy has a slight lisp at the moment, so the bit in the Sarah & Duck theme tune where the duck quacks is always accompanied by him with a loud “Fack!”.

It’ll be a long time before he understands why it always amuses me so much.


Our baby brainwashing started pretty early.


Mark isn’t exaggerating, the litle tyke told me the entire plot to Superman II the last time I met her.

She’s definitely inheriting the Millar kingdom :slight_smile:


It’s unreal. She’s even more obsessed now.



Have you tried her with the new Supergirl series? For some reason my daughter prefers it to the Helen Slater movie despite my best efforts to convince her otherwise. Then when I explained that Slater was Supergirls Earth mum I was informed it must be better then as it has two Supergirls…Beaten by Kid logic yet again.


My oldest friend’s daughter took up fencing (the sword kind) at eight. She was inspired by animé and manga. Could never get Tim to read a comic book! Or her mom, for that matter.

Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it!


Instead of Kentucky Fried Chicken, my daughter used to say Fucky Tied Chicken.