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Promotion advice and tips


I joined up to enter this competition but seems to be some good advice on the writing side of this but not much on having to actually promote your comics (or in my case music normally but I’ve been helping a subscription service too) etc. So I thought I could actually contribute to the site by making one instead of being a douche and firing in my entry then absconding.

Blogs are really hard to get traction with, and I’m still working on that, but I’ll come here and definitely cover that when I get good at it. In the mean time I’ll throw up ideas and successes/failures. Hopefully there’s other people here who can add to this thread too.

So my first tip in here is bags. Yes, bags. The plastic or paper ones.

This is the type of guy I am - I still have the bag from Forbidden Planet Dublin where I bought my first comic shop comics AND most of the subsequent paper bags from Talisman Belfast where I had my pull list or whatever it is they’re calling it these days. I’ve kept a bunch of plastic bags from American stores, especially if they have advertising on them.

So say you’re selling your small press comic as best you can and you decide to do flyers to advertise it, many will see the bottom of the bin. Instead have bags printed - paper ones for the eco friendly - that emblazon your comic’s logo and image and off you pop to the local comic con. Either sell them for 10p, pay the bag tax and put 5p to charity or give them out asking others to do the same. Alternatively, ask comic shops can you advertise on one side of their bags if you pay the fees to have them printed. Hard for them to say no if they look after their overheads. And with all this you get people walking around and advertising your comic for you. Boooom.

There you go, first tip in the BAG!!
*Alarm bell goes off
**Giant steel gate crashes down
***Millarworld guards begin tazing
Dammit! Jar, Jar, first tip in the jar!!


Since we have a plastic bag ban here in Chicago I think I’m gonna print up tote bags as merch this year.


Hahaha. Chicago really does love to ban things don’t they?


Tote bags are even better as they can be reused much more. A good idea would be to give the tote bags away for free if the con-goer buys a certain amount from you - say ten dollars - so you can push your sales, as well as give the bag a certain amount of value. Free advertising from the bag carriers carrying the bag around is a great bonus after that as you’ve given even more weight to the bag itself…

*waits for alarm…
Yes! Justified!! I got a-weigh with that one.
*Alarm goes off
**Four vicious dobermen enter the room
Yeah…That’s probably the appropriate response.