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Promoting comic events


Curious to see from other people how they promote comic events, signings etc. My local shop has regular signings, and here in Aberdeen we’ll have the second year of Granite City Comic Con in a few months, but I’m curious to see how others promote things.

My local makes posters and goes round other independent shops, since they’ve got a good relationship with them, and tries to promo things on FB, as well as use a newsletter (I’m not entirely sold on FB, especially with how it caps views for posts, but cross-promotion does help, especially with people coming up from Dunfermline for a signing last year with Steve Yeowell for the rerelease of Zenith. Having 2000AD help promote it helped). I know people who run their own comic publishing company as well, so they network with people at conventions. But what do other people do?


My LCS uses twitter in an adroit manner. They provide valuable tweets, and news; they also announce events there and via Facebook.


Get in touch with any local cos-player group and ask would they be interested in doing a promotion day. They could be dressed up handing out flyers. Also, a good idea would be to book a well known Cos-player if you can afford it.

Bleeding Cool love covering events like this too, and have local-ish contributors who would be up for covering the event, especially if you have any strong guests.

Internet word of mouth is everything with a small event so try to make it worthwhile for particular sets of fanbases that are hardcore. Anime, Cos-play, Potter, that sort of thing. I’ve seen things like charity quiddich matches go down very well and putting one on in the lead-up to the event would be a perfect way to promote the event itself locally and get some good press.


I know a few years ago the shop got people going round dressed as Jay and Silent Bob, will have to consider that for FCBD or something. There’s a growing number of cosplayers in Aberdeen as well, so that could be doable.

The shops in the UK, so would Bleeding Cool cover it?


Yes, Bleeding Cool started as British and tends to cover stuff in Britain and British creators very strongly. They’ve just had a change over of editor in chief so he’s prob pretty busy but if you mail me at I’ll send you his email address and you can ask him if there is any local contributors who could cover it.


I’ll do that just now, thanks!