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PROJECT: Time Is Of The Essence!


Hey y’all!

Been workin’ on a whole bunch of projects lately, of all shapes, sizes, and genres. It’s very invigorating to experiment, and I’ve been super pleased with the results of my own work, and of the amazing collaborators I’ve been able to find along the way.

One of those projects is underway in earnest, and I wanted to post some process stuff ahead of the release. It’s a 10 page short comic that we’re currently calling TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE though, in Kanye-esque fashion, I’m still fiddling and futzing with that.

Anyway, I’m working with ROMAIN BRUN, and he’s an amazing, very new artist. His work evokes Coipel’s a bit, an interesting mix of Manga and illustrative european styles that leads to something beautiful and kinetic. Hopefully we’ll have a chance to work together on something longer form in the future, because the work he’s been turning in has been phenomenal thus far.

First, check out some early character studies, sketches, and color experiments.







Would love to hear your thoughts! Which one do you like best?

When comic-book artists become pack leader!

I like this one:
Explore Desaad

It has good contrasts that will stand out on a page, even in night/space scenes.

I like the green as a color point but I would go a hair bit darker with it so it isn’t washed out in the white.

Great stuff!


Thanks for the input Todd! And for takin’ a look!

Here’s a little colored peak (we’ve got two pages colored, 4 inked, and 1 penciled at this point!)


(click for the full size)

I think it turned out PHENOMENALLY. I’m in awe. The colorist is Romains brother, Julian, and he’s a WONDER.


WOW! That is some gorgeous art!


Thanks again, Todd! They’re amazing. It’s IMPOSSIBLE to me that they haven’t done anything in the industry before, but there we are.

Already scheming to create something bigger for them.


Great to see you keeping busy, Deniz. Always thought you were an amazing writer from what I saw the in the write-offs and the like.


Thank you, sir! Hoping to have quite a bit out this year, in some form or another!



I was think the green could be something like the high intensity/visibility yellow-green like on safety vests. Here is an example:

It stands out against the white.


The basic jumpsuit (or whatever it’s called) should obviously be a “future fabric” - except they already exist in crude form. The whole jumpsuit should change color, whether in a camoflage function or by command. Going formal? Black tux mode. Arctic weather? White-on-white. The basic shape should not change, that can stay a bone of contention. But the color scheme? Use the tech! Let there be a rainbow!


Interesting thoughts, guys! Thanks for the input!


And for those interested in some of my previous work, you can check out my website at

One of the short comics on my site (MURDER ONE) you can read (and, if you wish download) here:

Like MURDER ONE, TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE will be free to read/download. :slight_smile:

If ya dig it, share it!



Bit more process!


And a bit more!





Again, would love to hear your thoughts! I know it’s just a short one, but pretty proud of this all around – weirdly personal despite, you know, Time Travel. :slight_smile: Plus, Romain is just an amazing collaborator, feels like I’m getting in on the ground floor of something with him – like a sneak peak into the future of comics.


I think it’s looking great. Love how dynamic the art is.

You know, you say Coipel, and I can see that, but I’m also a bit reminded of Sean Gordon Murphy.


Totally, Christian, I can see that. I think his inked work, especially, brings to mind Murphy and Scalera.

Thanks for taking a look, and commenting!

PS, if you PM me an email I’ll shoot you a PDF of WAR INTELLIGENCE, a comic I wrote quite some time ago, if ya’d like.

That offer goes for most of you board regulars, too! @davidm already picked one up and was very kind in his assessment.





More of that sweet, sweet process. :slight_smile:








Romain Brun on pencils and inks, and his brother Julian on colors. Great team, super fun, very generous collaborators. I hope to do something with them after TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE!


Looks Great! Can’t wait to see the final, complete version of this story! The artwork is excellent, with the colors really helping to enhance the storytelling, bringing a unique ‘feeling/atmosphere’ to the work and helping bring it to life! Great job to you and your crew! Keep up the great work!!


Thank you, sir!


Some GORGEOUS promotional material done by Romain (the line artist) and his brother, Julian (the color artist). I’m OVER THE MOON with these. (clicky for make biggy)




Two incredible collaborators!