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Hey y’all!

Back again with a process thread for a six page short I’m doing with Brian Cote on pencils, inks and colors and Simon Boland on letters. Brian - a fellow Michigander - is about halfway done now, so I thought it’d be a fun time to start taking us through. Like MURDER ONE, and TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE, this will be released for free online.

For my part, this story was inspired by real-life experiences and events. Participants of the addiction/substance abuse thread will find this of particular interest and relevance, I think.

We’ll start with some layouts, and a character design:








Looking forward to it Deniz (top of my MW’s creatives to watch out for in 2016!) - I’m already intrigued by this project!


Thanks, brother!

More coming soon!






Some penciled pages with their inky counterparts!




Bit more!


Some colors!





It’s here! Check it out, everyone!

You can download a high res version of the short story at my website,

Any thoughts, feelings, and concerns would be appreciated! Hope you dig!


That was very cool Deniz; reminds me of something I would have read in Crisis, like early Morrison or Milligan.

Art was fantastic, I can see a bit of Steve Dillon influence in the line work, but with a Brendan McCarthyesque weirdness, which is emphasised by the colours.

Very impressive and a very neat little tale.

Have you tried submitted to 2000ad as a Future Shock? It’s a lot better than a lot the Future Shocks I’ve read recently. I mean that as complement to you and the artist, not a slight to anyone.


Thank you Chris! Brian is great; a wonderful collaborator and almost as good a writer as he is an artist. He’s doing some very cool stuff with his comics company, Catalyst Comics, some great scifi/horror stuff.

And your praise means so much! That’s just the tone I was going for – calling back to those old, psychedelic, weird comics of yore, the prose just a touch on the purple and poetic side. I loved those things dearly and tried to capture some of that feeling – likewise, I wanted something almost garish and overwhelming in the text to go with the overwhelming color on the art, to capture the feeling of being on DMT (or high doses of other hallucinagens).

I haven’t submitted this to anyone yet, but will look into it! We’ve had a bit of interest for a newish publishing company, so we’ll see!


Well I can say genuinely that you 100% pulled it off.

I want to read it again, and will once things settled down a bit here.


Thanks, Chris! You’ve made my day, brother! :slight_smile:


Good work Deniz! To knowingly use a bad metaphor as a compliment - a DC Vertigo book would fit your writing hand like a glove! They need to at least try you out on their anthology titles.

Apart from minor art quibbles, the artist has managed to convey a lot of different things within the story and I commend that, tough to find someone who can convincingly convey imaginative trippy images as well as talking heads in a room. I like the effect of shattering the panel into pieces to transition into the main character’s trip, and the garish colors work perfectly for this (like reading Ditko’s Doctor Strange filtered through church windows).

Best compliment I could give you is that if you ever do a Kickstarter, let me know, I’d put money in to read more of your work.


Thanks so much, Sanjay, for reading and taking the time to respond!

Part of the process was writing this comic FOR Brian; I got in contact with him about the possibility of collaborating, about our influences and interests, and he mentioned psychedelic science fiction as something he wanted to draw. Which is great, because I love that stuff! I gave him some DMT-art references, he did his own research, and we were off to the races.

Hope to work with him again soon an another, slightly longer story (10 pages) that takes its inspiration from stuff like V for Vendetta and Watchmen, and was me experimenting on a 9 panel grid.


Shameless bump! :stuck_out_tongue:


What’s that you say Deniz…a shameless bump? I’m shocked. Shocked I tell you :astonished:


I know, I know, I’m hopeless. :slight_smile: