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Project: Maxwell's Demons


Hi Guys!

Coming up on the end of the pitch materials for another project, and so I thought it might be fun to share some of what we have so far.

I don’t want to give too much away too soon, but the project is called MAXWELL’S DEMONS. It’s a scifi adventure with a sharper edge than one might think. The teaser is:

“For Sale, jetpack, never worn”

Here are some early character designs.



That’s very cool. Did you do the character designs, Deniz?


Thanks, Ronnie. I’m excited about the project!

The character designs are by the artist I am working with, Vittorio. He’s phenomenal. More coming soon!


Has a feeling of fun from the get-go. Pre-teens going on adventures is always an open market, and hungry for solid storytelling.

One of the first full stories I ever wrote, at 13 or so, involved a sort of jet pack. Flying + kids = sales. Attaboy!


Thanks, Miqque. I actually think it’s going to confound expectations. It appears to be one thing, but by the end of the first issue you should have a good idea that it’s something a little bit different.




A couple of more studies!