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Progress- It's real!


A few months ago I started working with an artist named Gutti Barrios who draws absolutely everything (murals, storyboards, illustrations for ads) but didn’t have a lot of experience working in comics. What I see is that the hardest part for an illustrator or artist who has experience drawing or coloring other things but isn’t used to comics, is interpreting the work and focusing on telling a story visually. It’s not a storyboard where people don’t need to be too detailed or show emotion, it’s not a poster where they don’t have to be showing sequential action. It’s a story through pictures- and that’s what I think takes more time to master. All of these were done with deadlines in mind, which is a limiting factor when you can’t try different things because you need to move on.

I just wanted to show how he has progressed these last few months throughout different projects. Any comments or feedback is most welcome and appreciated!

March 2016
Cover and 2nd page for a short episode of the Chaco War in Epopeya Binacional, Historias de la Guerra del Chaco, an anthology with Bolivian and Paraguayan artists and writers. This one was colored by Edgar Arce. (

May 2016
“Penciling” for a contest :smiley:

June 2016
A short story for a horror themed contest:

July 2016
Pencil/inking for another war themed anthology, Epopeya. This time it’s about the Triple Alliance War that Paraguay fought against Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina.

He still hasn’t updated his work on comics on any of his pages, but this is his facebook page:Gutti

He’s improving so much by doing different styles and trying to find his own.
It does pay off!


Our pages! Lettered and colored!


This is very cool. Nice job on getting everything up to this point.


Great work. Are any of these strips available for download in entirety?


Thank you!


Thank you! It’s in a self published book of stories that take place during the Triple Alliance war, where Paraguay fought against Argentina, Brazil and Uruguay in the 1860’s. If you’d like I can send it to you! We’re the owners of our episodes and I don’t mind sharing it. It’s in Spanish, though. But I can translate it to English if you’d like (more lettering practice for me) and send it to your email!
Let me know :slight_smile:


Cool. Spanish would be good for me as I have been trying to learn it for some years.

Muchas gracias.

Mi correo elecrtonico es mcgregor(dot)c1(at)sky(dot)com

un salud


Our cover page


This all looks amazing. I hadn’t heard of this conflict but I’d sure like to learn more now through your work. I’d love to see a full version in English if you were planning on translating it at some point.


Thank you!
It was right about the time of the American Civil War, which I think contributed to the fact that it’s kind of unknown. The war decimated Paraguay’s population, leaving mostly women and young boys to rebuild the country. Some historians even call it a genocide because of how much of the population was wiped out.
This story in particular is about Madame Lynch, an Irish so called courtesan (she wasn’t really a courtesan) who came to Paraguay with our president. She was his lover, mistress or whatever because they never really married. This is a short 9 page episode in an anthology, and I plan on translating it to English!
Do you think the best way to put it online on a webpage or upload it somewhere for free?

I’m actually writing a scifi version of it, haha. Three planets vs 1. :grinning:


Hi @aravera,

That sounds very interesting. I’m sure there are loads of conflicts that are overlooked in the history books.

Not sure the best way of promoting it. I’ve not reached the stage you are at yet. Hopefully someone else can give you some pointers. A webpage would be a good start though.

You sci-fi version sounds good. Will the planets have the traits of the countries involved?



It’s not really to promote it, but to send or give a download link to people like you or others (friends I have that live in the states) that would like to read it.

The planets won’t be too similar. I have a one biome freezing planet because it suits my needs. That’s totally the opposite of South America, haha. But personality wise, yeah, some of the country’s personalities will go into my worldbuilding.
It’s going to be a very very loose adaptation, more like a “how I wish it could have happened” than “how it happened”, with some true events filtering in.