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PRINCE IS DEAD! Aged just 57!


I cannot believe what’s going on in 2016!


I loved Prince!!



This is what it feels like when doves cry


Holy shit! Crazy news.


What the fuck








Really terrible news. Shocking, very sorry to hear this.



Ever since Lemmy died, it’s like he kicked open the gates to the afterlife.


I am absolutely fucking gutted about this.

Bowie and Prince? Fuck this year.


The world got much less funky this year.


I came here to make sure this had it’s own thread. Just heard the news and I’m blown away. Prince was larger than life,


Damn that’s way too young.


This is David Bowie-level shock.


Damn you 2016. Prince was an integral part of the musical landscape of my teens. I’m more affected by his death than Michael Jackson’s and Bowie’s passing.

This is terrible.


I went to see him at the O2 a few years ago and on the advice of my friend who had been the previous night, made my way down to the stage after the concert finished. Several guys came along with a big black box, took it to the edge of the stage, Prince climbed in and then off they went. However, around 20 mins later out pops Prince from under the stage! Sneaky fucker! Myself and about 100 others were then treated to an impromptu 15 minute acoustic jam session. Amazing scenes.






Call for the vote.

Everybody for “Fuck this year”, a show of hands.

Those that have not been chopped off TV characters this year, thank you.


Yeah me too. Someone seems to be sucking the talent out of the world this year.

So surprising as well as you’d struggle to find a 57 year old that looked fitter and healthier than Prince.

I saw him live several times and you’ve never seen a more talented musician. At one he was playing Nothing Compares to U on guitar stood on top of the piano and the guitar mic broke and went silent, one one perfect move he threw the guitar to the ground, jumped off the piano into the splits, did a spin landed on the piano seat and went perfectly into the melody and finished the song.

That’s when you talk of ‘unique talent’ because I don’t think there was anyone else in the world that could do that.