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PREY FOR US...on sale now

So, believe it or not I’m releasing ANOTHER new comic…

PREY FOR US #1 is now on sale…

Its Jaws in the jungle…with amazing art from @thelifeoftotti

So, check it out! :point_down:



You’re on ale with that title!

Love the look of this anyway. Great design work on the cover, particularly the logo.


Cheers, buddy…name was me…Lego was all down to totti!
Dude is on fire!

Thanks for the order too, fella!

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85% SOLD OUT already! :wink:

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aaaaaaaaaaaaand teh reviews have started!


Arrived today, another great addition to the Garvey-verse.

Much easier to read in an actual comic format as opposed to on my teeny tiny phone screen.

Pacing is great and the ending contains just the right amount of a hook Just what is Emily looking at off screen to her left? to keep us interested.

@Thelifeoftotti ‘s art is brilliant too and really lifts Matt’s words to another level (although that isn’t hard!).

Just don’t wait for 73 million years for issue two.

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Very gritty art dtyle you have going there. It seems very inspired by Fear Agent

Cheers, but not sure what fear amen is?
Is it a game?
If so, Someone else said it was like dead orbit (I think that was rage name) too,
but I don’t play games…:slight_smile:

I would take the Dead Orbit comparison as a big compliment, it’s a great book. It and Prey For Us are similar sorts of stories in some ways, but the setting and nature of the baddie sets then apart.

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Not dead orbit…my bad…dead space!

I’m a plonker…that’s why I thought the other titled mentioned was a game too :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Oh yeah, Dead Space is a game.

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Fear agent looks cool…I’ll have to check that out…once I’ve finished writing all of prey!

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Sorry. I have really big thumbs and type too fast sometimes but I was referring to fear agent.

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Yeah, no worries, buddy.
I’d never heard of fear agent until now :blush:

I hear great things. Its what got Remender his Marvel work, I think

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Cool, ill check it out… but nice I’ve finished prey