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PREY FOR US...coming soon


Do you like Jaws?
Do you like Predator?
Do you like Alien(s)?
If you answered yes to any one of the above, i think you’ll like PREY FOR US…coming VERY soon from @thelifeoftotti and me!


I thought that said “Do you like Jews?”

Obviously, I’ve been working too hard.


That art looks great.

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Cheers dude


Isn’t that the detective from Cordelia Swift??

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Sure, why not!


Don’t be silly.
It’s definitely Dr Abnett from White Noir!

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you two can shut the hell up! :crazy_face:

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Here’s my review from the New Comics thread.


awwwwww. cheers, buddy! :smiley:

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I thought it was shit.

Nah, just fucking with you. Great stuff again Matt. Agree with what Dave is saying above.


Awwwww, thanks, you guys! :blush:

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what stands out to me on this is the production quality.
Design of the cover is superb and a unique look. The logo and colors work brilliantly together even the font choice of Issue One is brilliant.

I would love to see what you table looks like tomorrow Matt. Your going to have some class offerings


I agree. All of the recent Garveyverse books have had a sense of increased quality and professionalism about them, but the cover design of this one really makes it stand out even among that pack. It wouldn’t look out of place as an Image book.


Screw you, they have always been great! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I’m sorry, no pictures, please…I’m also taking no questions!


Didn’t mean that as a dig. :slight_smile:

I’ve enjoyed them all but the recent ones have looked very slick.

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Yes. Pity about the writing :joy:


Copied from the “On ale now” thread.

Arrived today, another great addition to the Garvey-verse.

Much easier to read in an actual comic format as opposed to on my teeny tiny phone screen.

Pacing is great and the ending contains just the right amount of a hook Just what is Emily looking at off screen to her left? to keep us interested.

@Thelifeoftotti ‘s art is brilliant too and really lifts Matt’s words to another level (although that isn’t hard!).

Just don’t wait for 73 million years for issue two.


Oh I know, buddy.
I’m just teasing you!
You are a great support…it’s appreciated

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