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Predator: The Dark Ages


Really good fan made movie of the Predator vs Knights Templar.

Thoughts? I would watch a whole movie series based on the predator versus Warriors throughout history


They did a very professional job.

You can see a few gaps, where the money ran out out, but it’s impressive.

One thing I will I say though (and this is common to a lot of these fan films), the Predator costume is excellent, but he doesn’t look big enough.

The original film cast Kevin Peter Hall, who was 7’ tall, and then cheated like crazy to make him look even bigger.

But still, very well done to them.


I’m definitely going to catch this when I get the proper time. Thx, Jonathan!


OUTLANDER used the Predator concept nicely set in the Viking Age. Have you seen it?


If not, do so. It got mixed reviews but I thoroughly enjoyed it.