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Preacher trailer is LIVE!


I love Garth and Steve, I love Seth and Evan, so I can’t wait for this. Even the wee guy from Mama Mia looks good…



Gilgun is going to be the break out star of this show . . .


Oh wow! Can’t wait for this! One of my all time favourite books! :slight_smile:


A little bit corny. I’m worried now - Preacher was the first long-form comic story I ever read, I loved it (though haven’t re-read it in a over a decade); I’d hate for them to butcher this.


Agreed. Having read, and been blown away by, Watchmen, I asked a guy in A1 Comics in Parnie Street, Glasgow to recommend a book for me to buy. I will be forever grateful to that random guy for suggesting Preacher.

I missed the original run during my school days, discovering it in my mid 20s I absolutely rattled through the 9 volumes. My wife used to look a bit puzzled at me when I would read it in bed and be laughing like a maniac.

So dark, so original, so funny, I just hope they get it right. I’m sure AMC will give it a fair go.


I never even heard of this until Sunday night while watching TWD, that looks like my kind of show! I’m definitely going to pick up the 1st trade when I go in for comics this month. :sunglasses: :thumbsup:


I recently read book 1… looking forward to seeing what they do with it!


Have you picked it up yet?


They didn’t have it in stock so I ordered it in, I’m picking it up Saturday.


I think you’ll Dig it.
The first Arc is an OK story.
But from Book two onwards it goes mental.

There are so many bits from the book. I just can’t see them doing on American TV.
But really hope they will.


First 4 minutes of the Preacher pilot:

That very beginning is a bit odd. I’m not sure what they were trying to go for with the 1950s sci-fi style space footage.


Apparently Genesis is an alien force in the show.

It was stated in an interview


God (excuse the pun), I hope that’s not true. If that’s the case then they’d have to dump the search for God, which is really the whole point of the series! Even if it is true the choice of the retro space stuff is still an odd one.


Yeah, they used those words in a way.
I think that best case scenario they treat the divine nature as a season finale twist.

Still lame though.