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Preacher: The TV Series


Right! That is just so awesome!


Was he not the old Mascot! and being replaced by the PC Prairie Dog one.

Wasn’t really sure what to expect from the show. But dammit if only Cassidy won us over in the opening episode. Sorry they didn’t keep the understanding issue going throughout the series.

Tom Brooke and Anatol Yusef as the government Duo won me over with their innocence. A great Double act. I hope they haven’t broken up the pair

I think the biggest disappointment was Sheriff Root actually being a decent sort.
No “Martain Nigger” hate machine here. And his concern for Eugene was touching.


Yeah I really liked Sheriff Root’s character… I was kind of expecting a more Ennis-like version which would’ve been a horrible redneck cop stereotype, but they went with a much deeper and complex character.


Yeah, they did a lot of interesting stuff with him - the love and hate for his son, the scene with the mercy killing (fantastically acted, that, where you can see his decision, which is made out of mercy, but then also how he loves releasing his anger and hatred into the act, and then being horrified at that), and the Cassaday torture scene… good stuff.


I am looking forward who they cast as Jody. As the casting has been great so far.

Hoping we get that arc for season 3.
And we get a bit more world building before they show up.
Even thou we’ve had the dungarees on-screen already.


AMC’s hit series Preacher is expanding its cast as it gears up for Season 2. Noah Taylor (Game of Thrones, Deep Water) Pip Torrens (Star Wars: The Force Awakens, The Crown) and Julie Ann Emery (Fargo, Better Call Saul) have signed on as series regulars, and Malcolm Barrett (War On Everyone, Dear White People), Ronald Guttman (Homeland, Mozart in the Jungle) and Justin Prentice (13 Reasons Why, Malibu Country) are set for recurring roles.


Pip Torrens better be Herr Starr


Noah Taylor looks like he could fill out some Dungarees!
But I’m used to seeing him play smarter creepy characters.


Pip Torrens = Starr
Noah Taylor = Jody
Ronald Guttman = T.C.
Julia Ann Emery = Featherstone
Justin Prentice = No clue. Jesus DeSade?


I approve of this list.


Taylor’s might be a tad too slight to look the part of Jody.
But we’ll see what he can do. He was great in Powers and GOT!



Now that Black Sails is over and Ragnar is dead this is the best show on TV. Love that trailer. SHITE!


Yeah, that trailer has me really looking forward to season 2 already.


Now the real story can start.



I stopped midway through season 1.

But…they’re in a car, they got the Saint, gonna just head into Season 2.


That looks so cool. Hugely looking forward to this!

Which is fine, but you might want to take another look at season 1. At least I thought it was getting stronger as it went on, and was pretty great toward the end.


I like then Angels, but Tulip’s introduction and the more time we spent in the town really just bored me. If this is good I’ll check out Season 1 again. Just looking for a fresh start.


The Motel massacre is where I left it, but I did like that they spent more time with him in town thinking that he’s been chosen by God to lead the wicked to redemption and then letting that go to his head.