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Preacher: The TV Series


I enjoyed it, as I have the whole way. A different animal, but that’s expected. Really interesting take when you see it as a prequel.

The only thing is, I know what it can be (if that sounds right), and I do expect more. But they have taken on a big job and succeeded, so far.

I hope they have the numbers to justify the budget they need going forward.


A bit of a mixed bag for me. I will be back for S2, and we’ve long known the town would be wiped out by an explosion in the finale as a result of that fellow falling asleep on the job or whatever, but even for a show full of the absurd, the God fake-out was a bit too far.


Finally saw the last episode. Utter genius. Total glee watching it. The second half is one of the best things I’ve ever seen on TV, and I can’t wait till more people discover this show. It’s the best thing on TV right now (while Black Sails, the NBA and Vikings aren’t on air).

I think this may be the best comic book adaptation I’ve seen. It beats everything (except Guardians of course).


Heh. I love how whole-hearted Jim’s endorsements always are. Not that I disagree. Haven’t seen the last ep yet, but overall, at the very least Preacher is a uniquely entertaining show that does something that, for TV, is pretty much a new thing.


I saw the finale a few days ago when I got back from vacation and it was really fun.


[quote=“Christian, post:144, topic:5961, full:true”]
Heh. I love how whole-hearted Jim’s endorsements always are.[/quote]
I like that the endorsements get increasingly whole-hearted even within that single post. :slight_smile:

I’m still behind on this, about 5 or 6 episodes through. I need to catch up and finish it off now that the series is done.


He was three sentences away from declaring it the greatest human achievement of all time.


Jessie’s hair remains terrible though. Why does he have an anime hairdo?


If this series was a girl I’d have an affair with it. It’s certainly better than any of the other comic TV shows. It’s funny. Funnier than anything I’ve seen in some time. It’s hard for fans to see that this is funny when the comic wasn’t always funny, but this is beautiful black comedy. In the same way the comic felt like nothing ever before and turned comics on their head, Preacher does the same for TV.

I can’t say enough good thing about this show. It even makes me forgive Jesse’s terrible hairstyles.


I do wonder whether some part of the reason I like it is that I’d never read the comics before the series started (although I’ve now picked up the first couple of trades and I’m starting to work through them) - it feels like a lot of the criticism I’ve seen (not here particularly, but elsewhere) has come from people who were disappointed it wasn’t a more straight adaptation of the comic.

I agree that it’s one of the best comics-based TV shows in a long while. I haven’t really stuck with any comics shows except the Marvel Netflix series, and I think this is better than both of them so far. Plus, my wife really likes it (even more than me - it’s always her who suggests we watch it), whereas she pretty much just endured Jessica Jones and the second series of Daredevil.


For the bulk of the first series viewers have wondered what the hell this show is about. They can’t keep track of the story, it appears to be written by insane people. The way they wrap it up in the final episode to set the stage for the rest of the show is just beautiful. It’s a tremendous amount of confidence in the writing and acting, and treating the audience with enough respect and intelligence to trust they’ll enjoy the ride till they get to the 'what the hell this show is about".


Ah, that’s good to know. I have found it reasonably coherent, but on the assumption that some of the unexplained stuff is leading towards something. Glad to hear it delivers.


i watched Talking Preacher after the finale. A girl brought up a knitted Jesse Doll complete with Jesse’s hair and they all commented on the hair. I think Rogen actually said Dominic Cooper has the best hair in the world. I liked the Hair(only outdone by his hairstyle in the flashback :grin: )
and thought the culmination of the first season where they explained what season 2 was going to be about was one of the best scenes I have seen on TV in months. Clearly the most bizarre and tongue in cheek.


I think what I liked the most of this last episode was that shot right before the title where you see Jesse run on the street calling the old woman’s name… that made me laugh and was shot so well… it’s little moments like that which make the show truly unique compared to the rest of CB series out there.

I just hope we didn’t lose EVERY single one of those supporting characters, particularly Emily, because I liked a lot what they did with her throughout the season and the chemestry she developped with everyone else.


Yeah, there were some great laugh out loud moments in the finale; I think you’re right that Jesse’s “hey Mabel!” was the best.

I’d be happy if that’s the last we see of all of the Annville residents, though. (Arseface excepted, of course.)

The God scene was… strange. Not sure how I feel about it. Obviously, it was meant to look like crap. But I feel like they went too far in that direction. Maybe if their interaction with the fake God was a lot shorter it wouldn’t have bothered me.

The last few minutes were great. I had a huge grin on my face finally seeing Jesse, Tulip, and Cassidy take to the road.

Oh, and I hope last episode is not the last we see of DeBlanc. Could be, though, as the Saint’s bullets are meant to be fatal for everyone, even angels/demons.


Oh yeah I wasn’t too happy about that last spoilery thing you mentioned… But indeed, it seems to be that way, which is why I say it’s a ballsy move to end the season the way they did. Hope it doesn’t come back to bite them in the ass… But hey, at this point I’m pretty confident in the writers, they did a fantastic job for the 1st season.




Have to say, the final two episodes brought me back from where’d I’d been quite wary. It’s made more for the watch a season in one go binge market I think. I would have enjoyed it better that way but I still loved it. I think ‘God’ and quincannon really made it Ennis like at the end there so I’m definitely fully on board even thought that’s not exactly my Jessie Custer.

Looking forward to the second season.


I notice that Jim is only talking about an affair; seems like Preacher isn’t relationship material, for Jim. For shame, man!

Agree with everybody else. Great finale, and the way they did the God reveal was awesome.

Heh. Yeah, that was brilliant. And the masquot was in that shot, too. Loved how that guy popped up throughout the series, for no reason at all, until he hung himself at the end there. That was just so awesome.


Suicide pact with his lover, the old mascot. Which caused the annihilation of Annville.