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Preacher: The TV Series


I think the penny dropped when it became clear one was an angel and one wasn’t. When one had a career as a serial killer, the other an architect, when only one said he was from heaven (the tall one) and when the travel agent asked for 20 minutes with the tall fella and the short one wasn’t having any of it. They’re clearly an angel/demon couple, clearly haven’t told anyone about their child and now heaven and hell will both be chasing them once word gets out. Really they’re the best invention for the show.

I also really loved the Saint of Killers Hell reveal this week. This show continues to surprise in a way few other shows do. You could honestly do without the main trio, which I worry might be a concern in seasons to come. Tulip still hasn’t got a scene that shows why she’s lovable to Jesse, Cassiday hasn’t had a scene that justifies Jesse’s friendship, and this Jesse isn’t the no-nonsense hero we loved in the comic.

I’m hoping that the Grail take center stage next season, and that a certain individual becomes a villain for the ages. Casting him will be critical. I have high hopes.


I’m on board with the above^ theory. It makes total sense and adds a lot to what they’re trying to do. This was a really good episode.

While I really enjoyed the newest episode I was getting pretty annoyed with the way they replayed all the same footage from the Saint of Killers scenes. They wasted like 10 minutes just replaying
footage from a previous episode. I even yelled at the TV.


That confused me, too, until they revealed what was going on. Then, I thought it was pretty neat.


All true. I do think that Cassaday’s charm is getting him very far, but yeah, it was like they were suddenly besties without there being any sort of process to it - something that happened because the show requires it, but they didn’t built it well enough. And yeah, Jesse isn’t quite there yet either.


I found it anticlimactic. That whole thing could’ve been done in 2 minutes and had the same effect.


Not sure if it would have. The viewer needs to at least get an inkling of how hell must feel to the guy - the endless repetition, being stuck in a loop of a story you already know and you just have to go through it again and again although you are so very tired of it. So you shouting at the TV is probably the reaction they were hoping for :wink:


Fiore has also been the only one to use the phone to Heaven. DeBlanc never even thinks to pick it up.


Well, in that case, if it’s who I suspect you have in mind, they better not cast some dickhead.


I hope they cast Patrick Stewart.


I think this article nailed much of the future casting:


Yeah, everyone is sort of off-model.

Cassidy is probably the closest. Tulip’s too cold-blooded. And Jesse’s coming off as quite sinister.


I think the show’s biggest problem is that there’s no clear hook. I’ve had a couple moments where I’ve tried to describe it to friends and just ended up describing some of the characters, rather than what they’re trying to do. “Reverend Jesse Custer gets the power of God and tries to save a small Texas town” is probably the closest to an actual hook, but 1) sounds lame, 2) leaves out what Tulip and Cassidy and other major characters want, and 3) doesn’t come close to describing what’s actually cool about the show: mainly its aesthetics and humor. Plus, it’s obvious that saving Annville isn’t what the show is going to be about past this season.


Yeah - the hook is that he gets “The word” - but anyone jumping in would be so confused because he doesn’t really use it that often at all. At this point it’s a load of different kooky threadlines that are connected by theme, context and locale.

Or, you could sell it as There’s this kid with a face like an arse and a preacher tells him to go to hell and he does. Also, there’s probably a gay angel/demon couple. .


And a guy that apparently jerks off to meat… If that ain’t a hook, I don’t know what is :smile:


But then again, who wouldn’t want to watch that show?


That’s my point!


Is making the show so unlike the comic going to hurt it in the long term?

I have just heard back from a friend who I loaned Preacher deluxe hardcovers to as he wanted to read it first and he fell in love with it.

He then tried to watch the show and has decided after 2 episodes that it’s not the same thing as what he read and doesn’t want to continue with it.

I’m seeing dissenting comments on the more recent epsiodes from those who were impressed early on.
If casual fans and non comic readers start to drop off and they don’t have the hard core support of those who loved the comic to champion and market it, are they going to struggle to maintain viewers?

I keep meaning to go back to it personally, but I’ve found im in no rush any more.


If you’re going to adapt anything, and you move too far away from the source material you’re going to upset the fans. However, if fans could watch this without being irked by some of the changes they’d be doing themselves a favor as this show is hugely enjoyable. Honestly I’ve never had much sympathetic with griping about differences from the book - it’ a different medium, it does different things, it’s a different author. To me it’s like griping about differences in how Batman is written between different comics, and we’re all ok with that.

To me this Preacher so far isn’t really comparable to the comic. This is essentially a prequel story, and if this Sunday’s episode does what I think it’s going to do then Season 2 will really be the start of the adaptation of the comic.


I don’t know what Preachers numbers are but I would assume also that a lot of its audience probably haven’t read the comic also.


Man, that was a great finale… so much bat shit crazy. And the music was great too. This series is sooo surrealistic, it’s just wonderful :smile: