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Preacher: The TV Series


I assume they’re not showing his mother because she’s going to pop up later in the season and they want it to be a surprise when she does.


Caught up with the show yesterday. It’s interesting. Very different from the comic. Jesse seems a lot weaker and selfish than in the comic. He’s just been a bit of a dick in the show so far. The show’s also been moving a bit slower than I would have expected. That said, it does have its fun moments, and Cassidy is great. I can appreciate that the show is its own entity.


Just wanted to throw my hat in since so few people seem to be talking about the show. I’m not caught up yet; on ep 5 so far, but I’m thoroughly enjoying it, although I do have to acknowledge, like the majority of recent comments in this thread, it’s really it’s own entity. Thankfully, it’s not in a bad way, unless you were just really hoping specifically to see the comic on the screen.

Lots of the characters are great; I think my favorites so far are the angels, although Cassidy is obviously a riot. I don’t believe for a second, though, that anyone in that town would understand a word he says!


An interesting little article on Preacher and why it might be struggling to find its feet a little:

I’m a few episodes behind, but still enjoying it.


This first series is effectively a prequel to the comics, which is the reason for its occasionally languid crawl. Preacher’s co-developers Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg said they wanted to show the Preacher actually preaching, which the comics never did. So we get character development, slow-burning machinations and flashbacks, which are fine for the most part, and occasionally fantastic. But, overall, what that leaves is a show that has never quite grabbed you by the lapels and informed you that your social life is now its property. And isn’t that what we’re all looking for?

A lot of shows seem to be trying for the slow burn-please-stick-with-us-it’ll-be-worth-it approach.

Frankly its gutsy because you’re asking people to be (occasionally) bored, in a world that has plenty of alternatives to watching a show that bores you.


Well I’m never really bored with it… sure it has some weird pacing, and sometimes it gets slow… but the show is just weird as hell… and the good kind of weird. I too am puzzled that the show’s not getting more buzz, but hey… who knows how these things happen or not =/


Yeah – Preacher is my new favourite show.

Its the only show airing at the moment that I must watch – and it holds sway over me as much as the Walking Dead did in its first season.

I hope it lasts long and gains much.


Preacher’s great and it seems like season one will only have 10 episodes. :smile:


That was the best episode yet. The Saint of Killers stuff was great.


I need to get my finger out with Preacher


A slow pace isn’t necessarily the same as boring, though.

Yes, the plot could’ve been moved along a bit further, but what’s been presented has been highly entertaining to me. Stuff like that angel fight or the Saint of Killers, that was great. And I love Odin Quincannon. And the angel couple (well, angel/demon couple, presumably), they’re really my favourite characters.

But yes: It’s good to know that they’re kind of seeing this as a prequel and that the plot will probably move a bit faster in future seasons. I do agree that that’ll be a good thing for the show.


I don’t remember enough to assess wether this works better as a prequel of sorts or not… As far as I’m concerned, they should keep doing what they’re doing because it’s been a great ride so far, quirks and all. I love the characters and the visual direction. Really great job… andto think we were all dreading the worst with Seth Rogen attached =P


Not necessarily, but they coincide a lot.

Generally, if someone says “a leisurely pace” then they’re ok with it, if they say “slow”, they’re really not.


“Leisurely” often suggests an aimlessness though. I think I sometimes like deliberate slowness better than leisureness. Slowness can be a very, very good thing. For example, Breaking Bad was often a slow show, but never leisurely so, in my opinion.

(Um, this is more of an aside thing though and doesn’t really have any impact on my view of Preacher, where I agree with you but it doesn’t bother me much and I like the show a lot in spite of the sometimes too-slow pace in plot development :slight_smile: )


I think the pace of the show non-expedient.




It is a phlegmatic pace.


I think we can all (mostly) agree that if someone says something is ‘slow’ they are usually not saying it as praise.

Breaking Bad being slow was also a problem, that show is not a prefect example of a well paced tv show, a lot of it was due to budget constraints. Compared to The Wire where every single scene has merit, for instance. The strong concept of Breaking Bad (and a few top actors) helped a lot of people past some of its issues.

They’ve sorted out some of the pacing issues with Better Call Saul.


Yeah it’s a slow show and I don’t think that’s doing it any favors. We’re 9 hours in now, which is a long time for simply a setup. They’re lucky that the actors are so enjoyable, and that DeBlanc and Fiore are such great characters as I don’t think the main trio could keep you watching 9 hours for the story to get started.

I read a theory that DeBlanc and Fiore are the parents of Genesis. Seeing as one is a demon and one is an angel based on their dialogue this week that seems a safe bet. Good move elevating them as characters.

I still love the way you have no idea what’s going to happen in this show, and it’s clear they have a plan, but I do hope things pick up a little. I’m hoping AMC ony gave them budget for a first season in this town, it’s beginning to feel like season 2 of Walking Dead. I’m not sure if the ratings are high enough to free up the budget to really make the series sing, so I’m thinking it’s going to be a little frustrating for the entire run.


I was wondering that, too, when one of them said “they’re going to separate us”. It’d make sense of the singing and all of that in an entirely different way, too.