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Preacher: The TV Series


I thought the 2nd episode was stronger than the first, mostly because the tone narrowed just a bit (meaning, the swings from one tone to the next were less dramatic).


Just watched the first two episodes - I am enjoying it and looking forward to more.

It certainly doesn’t seem like they’ll be leaving Annville anytime soon which is a big change from the comics, and I’m not sure why The Word would work on dogs, but so far, pretty good.


I think a lot of dogs understand “shut up.” :slight_smile:


Yeah, Tulip is the one thing about the show that isn’t really working for me, and I have my doubts it ever will.

But that’s really a minor thing; Jesse is okay and Cassady is brilliant. And there’s a great many things that already work about the show. I loved the chainsaw scene in the second episode to bits, and the bit with the angels and that musical instrument thingy was great. And Jessie’s slow discovery of his powers and dishing out justice is working really well for me.

I think this is a great show, and I find myself not really caring all that much how it compares to the comic book. I’ll be happy to discover how they’re taken and adapted parts of it, but it’s a different enough animal, and good enough, that I don’t mind them doing their own thing with the characters and ideas.


You shouldn’t, that the best way to view it. The question of whether characters are ‘off’ should look at it as its own thing rather than what you felt about the book. Tulip is consistent within the show as a girl that lives on the edge.


Consistent, yeah. But she doesn’t work for me yet. Like, I get what they’re going for, but it’s not clicking (for me).


Really enjoyed the last episodes, too. That show is certainly clicking. The angel guys are genius.

They’re taking their time developing things, but that’s fine with me.


I’m kinda suprised that there isn’t more discussion about this… IMO this is on par with the better series out there in the past years, and definetly a top CB TV shows without a doubt. This is Netflix/HBO quality, in terms of production, and although it might not be super faithful to the CB, it’s definetly entertaining on its own right. Last episode was INSANE. And in a good way =P


I mentioned it in the TV thread. The last episode just elevated it to a higher level. It’s not the comic book, but I appreciate what they’re doing here. I love that non-readers have no clue what’s going on, but they love the ride. Some of the criticisms are justified (Tulip still doesn’t work as she should), but there’s been so many good choices it doesn’t matter. Jesse and Cassiday are cast perfectly, the action chaos scenes are always amazing, the angels are maybe the best thing in the show, Arseface works far better on TV than in the book, staying in town rather than going straight to the road trip is a good idea (you can tell is was done for budget reasons though). All this combines to improve from the book.

What’s funny is you see just how mad the book was - all these crazy ideas pulled together and made to fit. I can’t think of any book that had so many different elements combined together.

Comic spoilers:

By the time the Grail is featured and we get to the bloodline of Christ, along with Jody, TC and Grandma, and the Saint off the leash, and I think John Wayne will be featured - I think when Jesse wonders that God doesn’t talk to everyone that was a tell his voice of God is JW - this show will be singing.


It’s very weird that they jumped the gun on Tulip/Cassidy, though. Comics spoilers: If they’re going to stick at all to the general dynamic of the main trio from the comics then it could be that Cassidy hiding that he and Tulip hooked up is the knife in Jesse’s back. I hope the writers smarter than that, though. Making Tulip a willing participant changes the dynamic a whole lot.

Otherwise I’m really enjoying the show. It is just going nuts and it’s a joy to watch. There are some significant flaws, but it’s too damn enjoyable for me to notice half the time. I hope all that Jim mentioned comes to pass. Especially Jody.


The opening of the this week’s episode was pretty awesome. That fight scene we get to see play out from the hole in the other room. :smile:


I was loving Preacher up until they changed the rules by Jesse somehow now being able to warp reality when he sent Arseface to hell . I could get past it if he hadn’t already told Cassidy to fly and Cassidy not actually be able to fly, but as such it’s changing its own rules, not the comic’s. This week’s episode has done little to make me think it was worth it. It’s still quality programming but it’s a cardinal sin for me from a writing stand point and I find it very hard to get past stuff like that.


Well Cassidy did try to fly. He was just stopped by a Wall.
So we don’t know if he would have gotten air. Had there been clearance for take off.


I kind of assumed that was an extra power of genesis, the heaven/hell stuff specifically.


Paper thin. He would still be floating, simply having bounced off the wall.

That you can open a door to heaven or hell with it?? That’s good. I will go with that in the meantime.


Dude that was Solid wood.


Birch or cherry?


Well since this is an adaptation, I’m okay with them tweaking Genesis’ powers, but only a bit… otherwise it could become too ridiculous… Its connection to heaven & hell might explain Eugene’s disappearance, but hey, we still don’t know what happened =P

Anyways, I loved the shot of Jesse trying to dig a hole in the church floor… Good stuff. It also seems Genesis is fuckin with Jesse’s head a lot more than I remember (if it even did in the CB).


Oof… making it John Custer who told Jesse never to cry, and not Jody? That changes one of the central themes of the comic in a big way, so I hope it wasn’t done for expediency.


The lack of his mother has bothered me in the flashbacks. Would there have been any harm including both parents.

There’s a small part of me likes how Odin Quincannon does business!
Looking forward to seeing what comes of this.

Hope Cass is somewhere on hand for wackiness.