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Preacher: The TV Series


Yeah, well. Duh.

I suspect this will do well based on Amazon Prime and the like.

Right, I had forgotten about that! Like Patrick, my first thought was “that makes sense, him becoming a preacher never really fit”. But yeah… there was that. Huh.


It also pays off down the line later when it turns out that his grandmother was a member of the Grail


I think I need to reread Preacher.

I’ve been meaning to for a while, actually… it feels like it’s time, regardless of the TV series.


I did so last month, just to digest it before the show.
Again, there was a lot of ways to do a different thing and still keep the heart of it.
The pilot failed in that, but let’s see where the season goes.

I think it hinges on whether those two weirdos in the pilot were DeBlanc and his angel buddy


That or members of the Grail.
But based on the teabag. I assume angels.


Just finished watching it. I’d call it competent but not a lot more; however, I think there’s a good chance it’ll ramp up pretty quickly. I’m on board for the time being.


Speaking as someone who never got into the comic, I thought it was very good.

But I’m not going to tell the fans they’re wrong. I’m a Hellblazer fan who had to get past Keanu Reeves as an american with the wrong hair, coat and backstory FFS and a Doctor Who fan struggling to find episodes I like each season.

Fandom is demanding and we each have our sacred cows.

But as a viewer with only a passing interesting in the source material; I think this really works as a TV show.


So anyone caught the 2nd episode?

I’m still liking it so far, but I’d really like some subs… :smile:

Lots of weird stuff happening, it’s got this surreal vibe to it all, but I guess that’s what it’s supposed to be like =P


Episode 2 was good. Really liking the kind of supernatural vibe it has. And that church scene with Cassidy was really good. :smile:


It was the silly stuff that put me off the comic, as much as anything else; the exaggeration and unwillingness to stick to the point.

There’s a lot of things that work, and I’m sticking with it for now, but it may not be for me.


It reminds me of Carnivale sometimes, in tone.

I think it’s good – I actually haven’t read the comic, but I can watch something like iZombie or Lucifer and know it’s so far afield from the source material.

This, like Walking Dead, feels like there’s a strong intent to honour the source material even if it’s not beholden to it.


I’m loving the second episode of Preacher. I’d imagine anyone watching it who’s unfamilar with the comic must be wondering what the hell is going on!


I’m enjoying it, although it doesn’t feel very much like the comic at all. That’s not a bad thing, though. If they can make something of their own then I’m all for it.

Tulip is really weird. She isn’t a thing like the character in the comics. She’s mean and bloodthirsty. She reminds me of Juliette Lewis in Natural Born Killers. Jesse and Cassidy are pretty different from their comics versions (Jesse more so) but you can see pieces of them in their live action counterparts. Not so with Tulip. Time will tell if this drastic change gives us a character as phenomenal as the one in the comic. Ruth Negga is very good in the role, though, even if her dialogue sometimes isn’t.

There’s a restless energy to this show that I admire. It can be atonal but mostly it just feels gleeful and passionate. There isn’t really anything on TV like it. I’m willing to stick around a while longer.

Does anybody else’s heart break a little whenever Arseface is on screen? It’s mostly his voice. You can just hear how hard he’s trying to stay hopeful, to keep from falling into the hole that made him try to kill himself. The actor is very good at emoting through all the make up. I was never big on (or that amused by) the character in the comics but I hope we see a lot more of him on the show.


Mel walked in while I was watching the second episode last night and asked, “Is that the chick from Agents of SHIELD.” I, like a dummy, suddenly realized she was the lady from SHIELD.


Yeah, totally got me.

I watched it again last night, tried to completely detach myself from the comic, which was not easy as I know it inside out and just read it again.
The scene with arseface totally got me. Love the build up to it as well, very clever with the mounting dread only to totally flip on the viewer expectation - using ‘Eugene’ helped it as well.

So, after completely accepting it’s not going to be what I want it to be I enjoyed my rewatch so much more last night than I did first time around.

Like I’ve said already and Will has mentioned about, really doesn’t feel like the characters I know from the books, but I’ve got over it.

I owe it to myself to enjoy this for what it is and I’m really looking forward to watching ep 2 tonight. It’s a really good show in its own right.


That’s good to hear because I’ve found it to be a fun show, though nothing like the book. It’s more of a loose adaptation than most of these things, but I like what they’ve done. It’s wild and crazy and this mix of farce and slapstick and horror that reminds me a little of Evil Dead.


Having watched both episodes, I’m very happy so far. It deviates; fine. As others have stated, I’m happy to be surprised by the show, especially if it’s going to run several seasons. The characters feel like echoes of themselves, but let’s not forget we’re at the very start. I give it a 7/10, with plenty of room for improvement, but it’s a solid start. Already looking forward to what’s next.

BTW, those two dudes are totally angels.


I’m surprised at how much I’ve been enjoying this show. It’s quite different than the comics and, like others have noticed, the characters aren’t quite right, but so far it’s been really fun. I was expecting to be really critical of it, having loved the comics, but I am pleasantly surprised at how much fun it is.


Well it helps that it’s really well produced… it’s a quality show, wether you agree or not with the “adaptation” aspect of it.


I am a a comic book loyalist. Ill give the series another few episodes before I kick criticism into overdrive and ditch it.