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Preacher: The TV Series


You are probably best off avoiding it.


I’ll post my own thoughts later, but having just watched it and read back through the thread several of your comment match exactly what I have to say about it.

Particularly RE the tone, which is all over the place.

Your point about hyper-charging character traits is a great way of putting and is exactly how it felt.


Yeah, as I’ve said I’m all for a different take.
It’s all about execution.

But this execution left a lot to be admired as a whole, even though pieces are nice.


I just watched it there with my wife and I’ve never been so disappointed in an adaptation of a comic book in my entire life.

Let me just get the obvious out the way straight off the bat, this is not Preacher. There are one or two minute similarities to the comic, in that Cassidy happens to be a vampire, there’s a guy with a face that looks like an arse and Genisis gives Jesse the word. And they all still have the same names.

Other than that, this is an unrelated tv show with a tone completely different to that of the comic book, which I’m currently halfway thru re-reading for the umpteenth time.
Preacher’s overriding tone is that of a western, so overtly so that he even has a mini series which is basically a Joe R Lansdale book and an imaginary version of John Wayne who talks to the main character.
Add to that some black humour, some romance, the key theme of friendship and then some over the top contorversial moments that are scattered throughout.

The tone of this show is basically a mean spirited version of Bottom (think Kick Ass 2’s level of mean spiritedness) mixed with the most cringeworthy over the top moments of Horns (but for the entire duration).

Tulip has been rendered as a violent psychopathic Tank Girl audition with no redeeming qualities other than the fact that the performance was great, for Tank Girl.
Cassidy is channeling Vivian from the Young Ones with an inconsistent Irish accent and Dominic Cooper gives a fine performance, unfortunately he’s not playing Jesse Custer from the 66 issues of Preacher that I read.

My wife walked out the room and went to her bed after 40 minutes and I wanted to do likewise but out of sheer misguided loyalty I saw it out, alhough I spent the last 15 minutes playing with my phone, so it not sure how much that counts.

My only guess is Ennis support of this comes from the promise of a royalties related desire for it to be successful, because this is a League of Extraordinary Gentlement level of misfire.

If I can somehow detach this from the comic book I will attempt to watch on, I want to give it a chance. I hoped I’d be pleasantly surprised, but ended up being surprised by how wide of the mark or ended up.

I’m away to cry myself to sleep.


I almost fell asleep watching it.

It was an inane bore.


Wow, a real mix of opinions here.

I just finished the first episode with my wife and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. Cooper was excellent and the supporting cast all-round great too - Cassidy’s introduction and subsequent scenes being high points.

As I said in another thread, I’ve read very little of the comic and know very little about the overall story, but I get the sense that might be a benefit with this adaptation. That said, it’s definitely encouraged me to give the comic another shot too.


I haven’t had the chance to read the comic so going into this, I didn’t know what to expect. But after watching the first episode, I enjoyed it. I think Cassidy stood out to me just because I thought his introduction was really good. He’s just murdering everybody on the plane. He even took the cow. I didn’t know what that entity that ultimately possessed Jessie. But given that the guy with the glasses literally poured his heart out to his mom, I’m guessing it’s something powerful. Looking forward to the next episode.


Another small touch that I really enjoyed (but forgot to mention earlier) was the big, bold captions that were used mainly for the locations. The Russos did a similar thing in Civil War.

It’s interesting to see the grammar of comics being played with on-screen in this kind of way (and much more effective than the split-screen multi-panel stylistic thing that some comics adaptations have tried, like Ang Lee’s Hulk).


Having read all the comics, I really didn’t think the tone was that far off at all.


I don’t know.
I think the closest the show got was with Cassidy’s interactions with people.

Tulip was good with guns and probably the most humane character of the group.
The scene with the makeshift bazooka…was off as heck. I agree with ChrisS there.

Then you have Jesse’s boring church drama.
Which, I admit, might be an interesting show allll on its own.
But comes off awful when sandwiched between vampire action and kaboom action.


I thought Cassidy was spot on, Tulip was a heightened version of the comics character but still had the same bones. I think it is interesting they basically sped up getting to who and what those two characters are a slow played Jesse.


I honestly think Jesse feels like he’s coming from a different show.

Like Six Feet Under.


Coming to Amazon Prime Germany on the 30th.

Damn. I really want to find out if this works for me.


I think this is the slowest Jessie will be. It’s part of the narrative - he’s broken and has given up. I doubt he’ll stay this way.

Plus even if he’s slow he beat up a room full of rednecks. That’s not bad.


It’s not actually about how slow he is at all for me.
It’s more that an aspect of the character core has changed from being pushed into being a Preacher, and then doing it to live up to his dad being one as well.
Plus, added church drama.

Not saying it’s bad…but it’d be more interesting as the premise of some showtime drama.


I actually sort of liked the change to his father being a preacher too.

I never really understood in the books why Jessie was one.


His grandmother forced him to be one after she kidnapped him away from Tulip.


And Tom Cruise, man… don’t forget about poor Tom… oh and that other preacher at the begining… but Tom Cruise! That made me chuckle :smile:


Yeah. Tom Cruise blowing up into shreds. :laughing:



Deadline reports the premiere pulled in 2.4 million total viewers with 1.1m in the key 18-49 demographic.The premiere faced some heavy competition in its time slot, as it aired during the Billboard Music Awards and the NBA and NHL playoffs as well as a new episode of "Game of Thrones.