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Preacher: The TV Series


Well I liked it, and a lot. I had a bit of a hard time with the accents, don’t know if they’re good or not, I don’t care really, it’s just that between red-neck and irish, yeah, it’s hard for me… gonna need subs xD

Anyways, I liked the tone, and the feel of the 1st episode… I don’t really remember Preacher very much, I half read it a long time ago, but the premise seems to be more or less there, albeit with obvious changes, but it works. There was just a weird thing about it all and it was the juxtaposition of the more grounded elements, the main Jesse storyline, with the more “out-there” ones, like Cassidy and Tulip’s flashback (although it was very much fun) and obviously the plot involving the entity… I suppose it’s a bit jarring because you expect a realistic drama in the vein of Breaking Bad, but it’s good that they put the accent in the supernatural stuff, so people don’t mistake this for what it’s not…

Anyways, surprisingly I thought it worked quite alright, the introduction to the 3 mains was good and it somehow felt “true” to what I remember…

Of course I expect fans to go apeshit about all the changes… Or maybe not… I dunno… but as a TV episode, and a premiere at that, I thought it was very solid. So yeah, definetly looking forward to this… Has a lot of potential.


That’s this show yeah


Sounds cool!

Stuff in a town is a rock solid premise!


Avoiding this like I’m avoiding Lucifer and iZombie.
It’s fine if you want a watered-down version of the original and for those folks who haven’t read the source material, it’ll be enough.
I’m swiping left on this one.


If you avoid it how do you know that it will be watered down?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not interested in izombie and Lucifer I stopped watching after I realised what they were doing with it.

But is Preacher going to be so conceptually different from the story Ennis and Dillion told?

(Genuine question because I don’t know)


iZombie became rather great, so I am giving Preacher the chance.
But the set-up in this first episode was really bad.

The tone is off, there’s needless scenes that are hyper-charging character traits, Tulip especially, and grounding him in Annville (at least for the time being) could be interesting - but how they establish Annville with the church drama and townspeople…is boring.
And the comic, for how it sometimes got, at least had interesting/entertaining side characters.

Positives, I think right now, are Cassidy and Dominic’s acting.

I think the best way to describe it is if this had been a show solely about a grouchy Preacher taking up his father’s old Church and trying to run it…it would have worked more.
Because the ties to Preacher clash.


First episode wasn’t watered down at all.

I had problems with Cassidy’s accent. I’m sure it is very realistic but I, like Jessie in the show, could hardly understand him.

I liked Tulip and loved the overall look at style of the show.

The story kind of lurched and started and something about the portrayal of Jessie seemed off. He came off as too soft initially, I think. I get that they were going for a big reversal, so I don’t know how much my foreknowledge of what was coming influenced how I was watching.

Good start. Not great, but good.


From what I understand, it’s a reimagining of sorts.

“I don’t know that you could translate it directly [from the comic],” said executive producer Seth Rogen (yup, that Seth Rogen). “Everybody involved felt we should not — including [comic creator Garth Ennis].” - Source:

And that’s not a bad thing if you’ve never read the comic. Like Lucifer, there’s a level of what the comics can get away with, and they can get away with more than television because comic books are not part of mainstream media. This why Lucifer and Preacher and even Hellblazer will never be as good as they could be - mostly because of what the mainstream will allow.

If you’ve not read the books, I can recommend them wholeheartedly.


I thought it was fantastic. Loved every minute of it and liked the changes. Can’t wait to see more.


I’m with you Jim, loved it.

I’ve said already though that I’d prefer not to have a straight adaptation but something in the same spirit which I think it nailed.

The pleasant surprise for me was Ruth Negga, I don’t give a rat’s arse about the race thing but she was quite a bland and dour character on Shield (which is the only other thing I’ve seen her in) but was quite the opposite here.


I didn’t make the connection she was the same woman from Agents of SHIELD.

She was really great.


It was Dominic Coopers performance that really sold me on the show. His Jesse is just pitch perfect, a mix of broken, caring and threatening. Can’t wait to see where they take his character.

And that Cassiday introduction was one of the best character introductions ever.


Yeah I’ve read Lucifier, which is why I thought the show was a complete waste of time with what they decided to do with it.

Preacher is probably my favourite long running series of all time.


I thought it was pretty good. What caught me by surprise was the directing of Rogen and Goldberg. I don’t know how I feel about the change to Jesse’s dad but we’ll see. Probably more there than the snippets they showed.


Ruth Negga was wonderful in Love/Hate. Well worth a watch if you’ve not seen.


Loved it.

Although, and here is the big one, I’ve never read the comics so any changes don’t affect me that much.


She’s been in a few other things in Ireland and the UK (Love/Hate, Misfits, Criminal Justice, World War Z), but this is definitely the strongest performance I’ve seen from her.

She’s getting good reviews for the new Jeff Nichols movie Loving, which will probably be out around Oscar season.


Man, I don’t remember at all in WWZ, what did she play? She’s in a fun little indie horror film called Isolation, that I liked a lot. It managed to do mutant killer cows straight and actually be scary.


She was the other scientist with Peter Capaldi in the new third act they shot.


That really was great. All the action scenes were pretty spectacular, but the plane fight especially was bonkers in a great way.